Funny Cats And Dogs Reaction Hate Kisses Compilation 2017 – Funny Animals

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Funny Cats And Dogs Reaction Hate Kisses Compilation 2017 – Funny Animals
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Johnson Marquez says:

the background music is very nice. what is the title of that song?

LJR 87 says:

1:47 is my favorite clip.

Johnson Marquez says:

what is the title of that background music?

angelfaye101 says:

I wonder if this is their way of telling their humans their breath stinks. 😂😂😂😋 you know animals have a keen sense of smell

maskenthoe says:

who refuses to be kissed by a beautiful one? silly cats and dogs. 😀

Babygirl 95 says:

2:17 was cute

Vincenzo Cuomo says:

perhaps , they refused the kisses because those people have breath that smells … 😛 😉

ThatGuy says:

All those unwanted sexual advances. These videos do nothing but to continue the rape culture prevalent in our media.

Mike Barber says:

and I guess none of the cat owners know that the cat just took and huge dump and used there fromt paws to cover it up… and then there kissing the meow meows rt in kisser.

zee matt says:

takw the xmas music off. no music is best man

Yvonne Bet-Ty says:

So hillarious! Funny cats and dogs!

Lucy Records says:

In the mouth

Lucy Records says:

I kiss my cat and dog everyday

Lucy Records says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute

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