Faking My Death In Front of My Dog! Kakoa's Funny Reaction!

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If you faked your death in front of your dog would they react? We tested Kakoa today to see what she would do and her reaction was hilarious. We saw TheMeanKitty youtube (link below) try this on there cat and we had to try this on kakoa so thank you Mean Kitty make sure to check them out and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMeanKitty Thanks for watching 🙂

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My Mountain Husky says:

Thanks for watching! What was your favorite part? (:
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The_0fficial _weirdo-squad says:

Me: *trips in front of my cat
My cat: *meows sadly*

Also me: *fakes death in front of my cat*

DFA_BneDc _ says:

I did that too with my dog:


Danny Owen says:

Kokoa probably knew it was staged.

Figeroux says:

dog can smell your breath and hear your hearty

Erika Veal says:

Who else is watching this in 2019👇👇

TheRubberDuck77 says:

Exactly how I thought Kokoa would react… the sudden fall made her think something was wrong… but she can hear breathing and even heart beat… no distress…. faker…

PS4#GTA5 fortnigt says:

Dogs can smell you to see if your alive and that's what kakoda did. So don't be mad if they don't help you.

Extended Nightcore says:

Both cats and dogs can hear your body. They know you're faking it.

Tristan D says:

She either
A: was defending your body
B: realized you were faking
C: didn't care

the frost spirit says:

Our best friends always feeling!

MARVEL Life says:

That was so funny ❤️

CJ Raven23 says:

It’s like the dog was at first concerned and once he going out u were dead he didn’t care anymore😂

三天沒睡覺 says:


joshua van gelder says:

they have good ears hem maybe heard you breathing(don't try for real tough)

Dair Hernández says:

Jajaja pensé que le avisaría al otro perro jajaja

Aleesia Shinault says:

These videos are historical

Daniel says:

Imagine her bodyfriend, brother, sister or parents coming in while she's faking…. thaaaat would be awkward :/

Event-Fan says:

0:130:18 💁🏼‍♀️ best actress 2019
The death becomes her

Look at dogs reaction while this time: whats wrong mummy?

عالم الخيال says:


Joaquin Fernández Beschtedt says:

Me: fakes dead in front of my dog

My dog: steals food and jumps out of the window

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