Pit Bull Dog Is Terrified Of Pineapple + Funny Dog Videos | The Dodo Top 5

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Pittie vs. very scary pineapple + dogs that will make you laugh!

Pit Bull Is Terrified Of Pineapple
You can keep up with Moose and his adventures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apupnamedmoose/.

Dog Gets Really Creative With This Trampoline
Special thanks to Stephanie Venuta for this delightful video!

Pit Bull Has The Longest, Cutest Tongue
For more of Logan the pittie and his long tongue, you can check him out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/logan.

Angry Chihuahua Is Secretly Sweet
You can keep up with Peabody and all of his adventures on Instagram, seniorpeabody: https://thedo.do/peabody.

Dog Is Very Particular About His Treats
You can keep up with Lucy and Rico on Instagram, spotastic: https://thedo.do/spotastic.

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struggler 87 says:

My brother always locks himself in his room with peanut butter and the dog

It's Just a Leap Of Faith 11:11 says:

Dog like cuh who is this ? On the dead homies I ain't never seen cuh before on crip.

ScreamingScallop says:

That Instagram account, though.

Dino says:

Me trying to figure out women

llala alaaland says:

Omg what a vicious dog

tiarnan says:

letting a dog licking your sweat off….fucking hell…

panos kevre says:

He's not examining the treats,he's stealing them with strategy.Btw,i feel bad for the dog who licks nonstop.Also,the second dog is agreat athlete.The first dog was the most likeable.And the chiuaua,well,is like every other one,hard on the eyes.

Green Coqui says:

So smart learned how to play with himself by using the trampoline to play fetch.

X_30 scuba493 says:

Man is trying to see if spongebob is there.

Melly Kidd says:

That licky pit bull is a wee bit neurotic XD

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