THE BEST CAT VIDEOS OF NOVEMBER😸 2020 – Try Not To Laugh Or Grin Challenge | YUFUS

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The best and funniest cat videos ever! Get ready to wipe your laughing tears because this is so super hilarious! Cats just never fail to amuse us and make us laugh! The hardest try not to laugh challenge ever! Just look at all these cats and kittens how they fail, behave, meow, spin, beg… So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our video, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!


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Sumon Ahmed says:

ম৷ ক্লল্লল..

Ryan Radford says:

Me: I love them all….

Susan Gill says:

When I play with my 23 lb Tom cat, he plays ruff without realizing he is being ruff-and I have to rap him on the nose with my finger with some force to remind him to play nice and before you say anything ugly, I am 74 years old and I was raised by strict parents who paddled me a few times for things I did that I should not have done, after a few times the threat of a paddling was all it took to make me mind, I raised my 3 children the same way except for my child with a bleeding disorder, he was raised by grounding and removing favorite toys. My oldest boy and my youngest girl turned out to be by far the better disciplined and kind hearted of my 3 children. I raised my cat’s the same way, a bop on the nose if they bit too hard, a bop on the nose if they tore up something they should not have etc. now of my 4 cats the big Tom is the only one I still have to bop once if he is playing too ruff, the other 3 I just have to raise my finger like I am going to bop them and they stop, I think Sol forgets to think sometimes, he gets so excited. But I am crippled and I had to find some way to control them as I could not take the chance they would knock me over etc.

Giulia Lucioli says:


Robin R. says:

🌷So much precious in this video… thank you 💛 but I DON’T like to see a guardian slapping each side of kitty’s face… clearly, the cat didn’t like being bullied; it reduces trust and since our cats are truly like a human toddler (for their whole lives) maybe we could be more gentle. Sure… play… but not forget they actually ARE fragile. :~)

Mariam K Uddin says:

It s cruel to fish, not nice,,,,,

yogi vanik says:

Very cute♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Grazyna Michno says:

Kocie dzieciaczki są cudne!

Traekas7! says:

Yufus. Is there any way that you can ask your contributors to stop sending you clips showing any owners playing rough, or worse, with their cats, please?

Olga Domiguezlopez says:

Guauu que bellos son estos mininos los amo locamente gracias maravilloso video 🤗😃🐱🐱👍

Jill Smith says:

Why do Ginger cats love water so much

Rashmi Karmwar says:

Wow………….…love 😍😍😍

Bircan i. says:

😍 😚 😻 💜 😺 💜 🐺💜 🐶 💜 🐱

Muhammad Siddiqui says:

I love all of you guys GOD Bless you my little stars

Talas and Kittens says:

Ahahaha that's pretty cute. As William S. Burroughs
said, like all pure creatures, cats are practical.

West says:

Just great!!!!🐶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🧡

Артур Иванов says:

Openminded part 10

Elona Molotkova says:

Careful savior 89

Gamer says:

Pure mother 01

Saleh Johan says:

Thank you very much

Lela Rurua says:

Kind dolphin 88

woofyfun says:

Very Very Best!!!! The video is so entertaining and hilarious 😂😂❤️. I love cats and dogs they are cute and fluffy (heart this if you love cats and dogs too), that is why I'm watching this channel's videos all the time! Actually, this channel inspired me to make my own YouTube channel that is the same with this channel! Thank you! I will greatly appreciate any love and support! Peace.

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