Office Cats

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Just another Monday at work for Prince Michael.

Thanks for watching!

Thanks to everyone who helped
Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Kijeon, Olivier B., Aaron
Talent: Trevor Gomes, Michelle, Robert, Aaron
Art: Josh K
Production: Clark, Robert, Michelle
Big thanks to Queen for the music!


Trevor Gomes says:

Had SUCH a fun time doing the music for this one. Always a pleasure to work with Aaron!

Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan says:


Karol De la vega says:

Minute 0:32 queen i want to break free minute 2:10 another one bites the dust

Mondeep Das says:

Another one bites the dust yeah

Dijana Zabel says:

Haha die Katzen sind Bombe 😉

Donata Petrutiene says:

Do Michael Jackson

Michael Cobia says:

You have great ideas. How about cats going to night school learning to speak human

trâm hà thị thuỳ says:

They're making music!

Hacker Manq0 says:

This video is sponsored by queen

анимационная студия says:

Cool and fun make this videos more!😁

ram game says:

Y going to be like dat

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