Funny Cats Falling in Water Compilation [NEW HD]

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Cats Falling in Water 2017. Funny Cats Falling in Water Videos 2018. These cats hate water! TRY NOT TO LAUGH!!



Alex Shirley says:

Cat with cone falls in water…..hmmm, the cone was on for a reason,and that reason just got wet and you watched it….👍

REANNA Neon Playz says:

I hate Cats!! =×

Mobile Short Film says:

Nice video Congratulations. Visit our channel

Jesica’s art Video’s says:

Reason why u don’t adopt cats…

Thay cud water up ur home

MWSin1 says:

"I've made a terrible miscalculation."

Vernon Coultas says:

UwU purrrrrrr

Vernon Coultas says:

Meow i hate water meow

AMVikki says:

Majority of those fish tanks are fuckin' nasty

Svenja Fickmeister says:

die dummen scheisskatzen sollten ertrinken! dieses selbstüchtige scheissvieh

Lily Ivy says:

great video!

Carol Garber says:

How about if someone made a video of babies falling into water. Would that be just as funny.

Silvija Rimkuviene says:


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