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New Cat Memes & funny cats compilation of 2019. Pet ninja is back with more cats, more meows, and more meme videos. This compilation is all about kitty cat memes and them doing cute, stupid and funny stuff. Enjoy!

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Qyzuu says:

When does my Shirt finally arrive?

Sarcastic Kitten_96 says:

I protecc

I attacc

bUt MoSt ImPoRtAnTlY

I click fast.

KLDS 12 says:

Don't Listen To People That Complain That These Aren't Memes. They Should At Least Be Thankful That They Are Cute And Funny. Not Everything In This World Has To Be Memes. I Love Your Channel So Much, And I Say You Should Continue Making These Videos Whether They Are Memes Or Not.

dommoc c says:

I’m not first.

But I do click fast.

Princess Lupi says:

I don't think cats do that in the wild.

Princess Lupi says:

@ 0.50 Stoned to the bone!

Janet Nicholls says:

2:21 poor little guy can't see what's on his head ……. nasty hat 👒
3:37 silly bunny ears kitty looks right peed off. 🐰

MaxMyerzMusic 0 says:

Cats will never end the happiness and laughs!

Janet Nicholls says:

1:09 I can't believe that cat put that paper bag over its own head 😵

Felicity Schlink says:

not everything is a "meme"

Laura Gadille says:

Bless you x million

Kristian Hellwege says:

That's it, sweep the leg!

Baby Kitten says:

Vary funny cat videos keep on going

Amanda Phillips says:

Love your videos! Please keep them coming. It helps me when I get off work, very stressful. Need the happy and y'all deliver!!!❤❤❤

A curious person 2016- says:

I pet ninja I’m so sorry I promise you but I’m so sorry Luke I’m really sorry but I will watch your video I promise that I will swear a whale OK I like and scribe

tortillachip says:

much coot
much funny
cats r purrfect
yet so are doggos
and other pets

VPLS says:

Cats never fail in make us laugh

Playing Minecraft with friends Minecraft 108 says:

I love your videos!

Alma Juul says:

Meow meow meow👍🏻 meow meow😂 meow meow😸

Giant like from me, i love your videos and they are so funny.

Donna Eves says:

I was the first like

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