FUNNY ANIMALS – A Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2017 [BEST OF]

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Funny animal videos, funny animals, funny animal vines and more in this funny animal compilation. Also cute animal videos. Cats, dogs, and more. Enjoy.


Danger dragon queen Marina says:

Omg I died of a cuteness overload 😍😍😂👌

Gabriel Reyes says:

Are you Romanian?
Your name just sounds Romanian…

Lizzie Gacha says:

The first one was hilariously affective

Samah Alhammadi says:

6:05. Monkey:Hello.What Would You Like?

Me:Omg! Look! This Monkey Is Chilling!

Islam Ansari says:

so sweet baby

Christina fountain _party34 says:


Sapphire Blue says:

I really hated the video of the guy messing with the ostrich, but the dude got attacked by it, and he deserved it. 😒
And my favourite video was the last one. I've never seen so many ducks xDDD

Татьяна Комякова says:

Это смешно! Прикольное видео!(like,signed).

abdulkadrr 963 says:


piper waker says:

1:36 is funny

Daiana Petronela says:

Esti Roman? 😂

Tina Magghy says:

Più conosco il genere umano e più amo gli animali. .. esseri senza cattiveria né invidia ne con secondi fini.

mera doll says:

soooo cute 😊

chihuahuabulldog says:

Some of these are sooooo cute! However, the idiots messing with the Ostriches are just that, idiots! An Ostrich can disembowel someone with one kick.

TUCARiNOMystic says:

Esti roman? <3

compte supprimer says:

it so cute ❤

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