We Got a Runner! Rescue Dog Agility | Crufts 2019

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Watch some of our favourite rescue dogs have a go at Agility, as well as the return of the famous Jack Russel Terrier, Olly!



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Joan G says:

I love Peter. 🧑We want him back.



Tandria Alfonso says:

I hope dogs get rescue from the dog meat trade in Asia. It is horrific what they do to mans best friend. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

Sandy Prater says:

I love when the tiny ones do the course. It’s just so adorable to see them do those bitty hurdles.

Shirley M. Tolbert says:

These dogs are hilarious to watch.

Claudine Custodio says:

Wow I'm so jealous, these dogs are just being rescued there, while in my country you'll spend lots of $$$$ just to get those kind of dogs.

Breauna Mcarthur says:

I sometimes forget that not all dogs are rescues because that’s all I’ve ever had.

Perp E says:

β€œAll just looking for someone to love them and play with them.”

I am in tears with a smile on my face, knowing they are well taken care off and are having fun at the same time. God bless them.

Bob Sacamano says:

This just proves rescue dogs are the best! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Diana A. says:

VERY enjoyable to watch, especially the ones who do their own thing!

jon Holsapple says:

Loved,loved when announcer said"Oh dear it's Olly" Olly makes my heart and soul laugh so hard I snort!

saki train says:

19:36 Never? Nether? Well, regardless which is correct, the doggie is fricking adorable!!!

saki train says:

7:50 I don't know how they managed not petting hugging the lil doggie. I would've grabbed him and ran. πŸ˜‚

KeaveMind says:

I just love how much the commentator loves ollie 'here he goes weeeee' πŸ˜‚ so adorable

NoniOf 3 says:

Kratu!! Best dog ever. To die for cuteness!

Tammy Huennerkopf says:

Awwww, I love this.

Tammy Huennerkopf says:

Lol, really cute! Saved from Romania. Awesome. I like to watch the silly willies. I don't like the shows that expect perfection. Real worlds are full of mistakes and laughter. I love this!

Henog Beni says:

The wrong not dog but the human the coach make dog false to change ..bicause coach is purpuse from dog.so i think coach is false …thank you

bob23456 bob says:

These kind of shows are the reason why God hasn’t killed us yet

whip says:

they all happy dogs Rescue dogs or not they all love people. To think how they been treat by other people you think the dog would shy away from people. I hope they for get the bad life they had and people loves them like they love the people. .

CJ Jackson says:

The first dog….hilarious

Harry Mills says:

Shows that all a dog needs is a person's time.

Mick Carson says:

The first dog… useless.
Second dog… almost perfect.
Third dog… perfect.
Fourth dog… perfect.
Fifth dog… near perfect. He stopped.
Sixth dog… fail (7:45).
Seventh dog… near perfect but (8:45)
Eighth dog… almost made it but (9:44)
Two dogs… I am lost πŸ€”

Rose Treiger says:

Why does the lady in the red shirt keep getting up and walking past the dogs as they move past her? I wonder if she's paid to do that? Distract dogs? Why didn't someone tell her to get off the Arena floor? Is she going to get a job at a racetrack and start wandering around on the field as they're racing? I don't find this to be an actual competition as no one is taking it seriously.

Hi there says:

Great that they were rescued but why have them go through this bullshit course for the audience?

just me says:

This would be a lot more enjoyable if their was just one person speaking. The woman's voice is so annoying.

Green Future says:

Agility is a fun thing in shelters, I know I loved it with the dogs even though the staff thought it odd. Happy yappy times… Hope I bump into more of them someday. My girl loves it, helps her recovery so much

Kevin Caldwell says:

Yay Olly and Kratu in the same video!

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