Teach An Argumentative Husky To Crawl | Plus Bloopers

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Teach An Argumentative Husky To Crawl! He learns things so fast, it literally took him about half an hour to learn to crawl on command! He never stops amazing me! Watch until the end for funny bloopers!
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Munkastrap4 says:

Is it me or was the sound muffled in this one? Don't know if it's just my device

Arlene Murphy says:

such a smart baby, I want to just hug him but he's not mine, so please give him a tiny hug for me

Barbara Schulz says:

Side crawl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Very smart boy

Jeff D says:

How long did you actually work with him on that?? Such a good boy!

Phil Valdez says:

Key is the most cutest dog ever.😊

Debra Hardman says:

He’s so smart and learns so quickly.

cute boba UwU :3 says:

The best part blooers :>

Dakota Flores says:

Your nails are really healthy

Leticia RODRIGUEZ says:

So many commands, so few biscuits

Joseph Latourette says:

Key says oh you want me to crawl I'm going to lick my butt

boricua4483 says:

are you and ur mom stubborn and sarcastic too? cuz we are at my house Key would fit right in. lol

Dragon Rider says:

Its really incredible how fast he learns… i had a Dalmatian and it took me hours sometimes days to get him to learn certain tricks like crawl and hide.. hide is where he would lay down and put his paws over his eyes it was the most adorable thing..

Cheryl Porter says:

Can he leave biscuit alone until u tell him he can have it

Hany Hash says:

Key is intelligent and I love his little arguments 😍

Juniper Abbott says:

I didn't realize yer dog was so beautiful and clever and funny…I love sherpa, I know they're friends! What a good doggie!!
Hug him for me!! Subscibed..
Love you all!!πŸ’™πŸ•πŸ•πŸ’™

Munkastrap4 says:

How long did it take him to learn this all up, roughly?
This was sooo amazing, you are a great trainer, he could do Britains Got Talent with all his tricks and silly funniness hehehe

Nothing says:

Ive watched a few now. Chat be honest, the dogs trolling her lol right.

Margaret Gitchen says:

Key is very smart and you handle him well. Huskys need so much exercise in order to focus on the training. If they don’t blow off their energy they can’t focus. Nice work!

Chaminda Jayasinghe says:

He looks boring

sandracell Mate says:

Keyush is a lovely husky I love the watching videos he s a lovely dog 😚

Laurie Mapplebeck says:

Beauty and bains

Laurie Mapplebeck says:

Too smart!!!

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