Stupid Pet Tricks: Grumpy Cat Flipped Upside Down (Bloopers)

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Stupid Pet Trick.
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Liam Freund says:

Hey Uncle Jamie #cool

Julia Freeflow says:

omg this made my shitty day brighter, smiling the whole time, thank you

ringoice360 says:

Cool video, couple of English acid jazz tunes from the early nineties, u may not have heard….stardust bubble gum by mother earth, and London England by corduroy

tweetie35 says:

OMG it took a min to catch that, Funny

punxone says:

having a cat is like being in an abusive relationship, its only a matter of time before someone gets cut and the cops drag your half dressed ass to jail

EnchantedClub0 says:

My cat is very angry, she is totally wild. If I'd ever touch her belly she'd eat me alive.

Fun with Pup & Jane says:

Cute video check out our videos I have a kitty that rides a scooter with my dog:)

Tim Snel says:

All right, man, just wanted you 2 know that I think that your videos are the bomb… Keep puttin' them out!! Love the cat by the way!! 🙂 Regards and keep the funk alive!

mrparkes says:

That video of your grandad-in-law was… wait for it.. sweet.. yeah that's right, I said sweet and I wasn't being sarscastic.. lighten up folks!

Tim Snel says:

Don't unsubscribe?!?!? Cut it out, dude!! This video is cool!!!

djthunder1970 says:

Are you kitten me? Funny thing is I have a white cat and a black cat,both 20 lbs each.If I tried this with Bailey (white cat) he would freak out and claw my legs off and Lucky (black cat) would let me do it but be pissed about it and attack Bailey after he got down.Don't think I didn't catch the Monkees reference there.Zilch!

bongorilao says:

No unsubscribes here, to the contrary! I think of this video as being a "normal" thing, Funktuall. She is making biscuits with her paws (ie kneading bread) so this indicates you are in the inner circle of being accepted and trusted by her – a special privilege, no doubt. I was glad to see you are owned by a cat. Deep thinkers are often cat people. Anyway, thanks for taking care of and giving this kitty a home. You are A-1 in my book, bro.

GOTTshua says:

Ah, cat people.

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