Pooper Reel – Animal Show Host Gets Pooped On…A LOT!

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We all know that Coyote Peterson LOVES animals but sometimes they don’t love him back… and if you’ve been watching Breaking Trail then you already know how many of his wildlife friends have decided to POOP on him to prove it!  Since most shows traditionally have “Blooper Reels” at the end of a season we found it a little more fitting to instead have a POOPER REEL!

Over the course of Breaking Trail Season 1 Coyote has taken some seriously stinky hits from all sorts of animals and this video will help us all remember just how often Coyote gets himself covered in poo to help teach us more about wildlife.  

Although there are only a few more videos left for season 1 we hope you enjoy this episode…it’s a REAL STINKER!  

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America!

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Joju Fadipe says:

Make more videos of animals puppin in your eye

dolphinboi says:

r/youngpeopleyoutube has joined the chat

Joy Simene says:

Coyote is so crewl beacuase always get poop by animal

G litch says:


Exaggutor says:

Cayote: I'm cayote Peterson and I'm about to enter the poop zone of the gila monster

Fossa Girl Bella says:

Chance: I really wanted the bear to poop on him…
Coyote: You really wanted the bear to poop on me?
Chance: Yeah! Me: LOL 😂

emo_ freak says:

Cyote:I think I just got pooped in my eye.

Me: cyote all I will say is ur the predter of the animals pooping on ur eye hehe(by the way ur my fav YouTuber

Cristobal Garcia-Moyoral says:

The bullet ant is NOTHING compared to ghost pepper seed in yo eye

Mariana Amaya says:

I felt bad so I went up to everyone I could find I told them to like subscribe and turn on notifications and comment if they can

Gabriel Soto says:

I don't like it when you get pooped on

Jon Orr says:

My dog ate her vomit

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