Oops! Crufts Bloopers and Funny Moments!

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Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan! These are some of our favourite bloopers from Crufts…which is your favourite?


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Debojit Rabha says:

When nature calls we all oblige. We are all slaves indeed, one way or the other.

King Romulux says:

This disgusting

chikki mishra says:

These animals get tortured to do the stunts and we find it interesting to watch. Its really annoying. Animal our not ours to make us entertain. Please dont support this. Cmon people we are in 2019. Change thinking and make this world a better place for animals. Your one step is so big for animals life. Be happy

TheJakeman789 says:

This should not at all happen, this is animal abuse.

Kanchan Kaushik says:

Poopy mood on😂😂

Susan MinhTrang Nguyen says:

‘This totally made my day 😂😂😂

Toribia Alx says:

That's where we realize that dogs are forced by their owners to participate in those absurd competitions and that they do not do it because they "like it", the owners train them to avoid having to work and earn money through their pets , lazy people!

Chipper Levy says:

Too many sound effects

Sarnackaa says:

Poor dogs 😥
Who from Poland ?
Lajkujcie żeby myśleli że to coś ważnego

The PNolandS says:

0:45 When you gotta go you gotta go.

Mike Wilkinson Karaoke says:

Theresa may has been eating the sausage now she is off to try out some hurdles. Just look at her go as she lays a spring roll on the neighbour's lawn. Gordon brown looks upset at his new garden feature.

chani chan says:

dogs are being dogs😂

Negimanzyu says:


Issanagay 499 says:

When u gotta poop you gotta poop! No exceptions

destiny turner says:

Golden retriever: HERE'S WHAT I THINK OF YOUR RINKY DINK COMPETTITON ! ( doodys on course) yeah you weren't expecting that were you? NOW CLEAN IT UP PEASANT!!

Andrea Tran says:


Owner: “BOI get back here!”

Dog: “NUUUUUU!!!!!”

qualitea says:


Sweetheart Okay says:

0:20 that jump and them legz thoooo 😂🐕

Fluffy puff says:

Me: Oh come on..! These doggos are trying their best

Also me: Pft- it just shat on the carpet XD

Melissa Walker says:

I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe. So funny the dog stopping mid-run to poo

FadedPhotos Stables says:


حسوني بويكا says:


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