Oh Dear! Crufts 2017 Fails and Bloopers!

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Sometimes, it’s not alright on the night…these our favourite mishaps and funny moments from Crufts 2017!


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duke upadhyaya says:

1:45 he was having time of his life

Bella says:


Silver Snow says:

The camera person seems to have poo fetish. They always love zooming in!

Chromberries シ Yee says:

I always thought dog shows were super serious and competitive, but this is adorable. these dogs are just doing their thing, and so is everyone else!

Veronique Vanderswalm says:

Hilarish !!!

Nick Bradley says:

dont forget to count the numbers of the dog show. Could hint to future problems…… check out Gematria, sounds like a weightloss plan, isn't. its actually a government conspiracy.

Nicky Pothas says:

omg he NEEDED to pee u can't stop him little mean isn't it?

Twxggy Da Random says:

I hate these events, If I had to jump over bars and run over ramps, I would be so pissed

onthegoldenline says:

Now that's what I call a damned good crap.

クリスタルきみこ says:

Thats a very bad dog to pee on someones leg

Ultimate23Dragon says:

I don't think Murphy knows how the agility competition works…

Celita Coluço says:

Todos muito lindos amo animais

Just cats says:

1:27 the dog is like “what are you doing??! Get up!!”

Alex says:

I really love the reaction of the lady who was tripped over. The shake of her head, smiling at her pup to say 'oh gosh, what have we just gotten ourselves into?'. Took it like a champ!

Eve Madden says:

They were also cute but that poor border collie being shown at 1:30 looked terrified, and the way his owner shoved his leg back down seemed so rough….

amaraland1 says:

GREAT commentator!!


This is what it should be about,just having fun! Lol 😄

Sheila Sanderson says:

Not funny Crufts to see dogs slipping and falling on that carpet.

Adj Cheeseball says:

Here we go whee!

uje pagaz says:

0:43 good poop

Liza C says:

1:45 got my crying of laugther

Laraine B says:

Life without dogs is a horrible thought.

Barbara Dyson says:

Crufts should be shot, for causing pain and suffering to Alsatians ,bulldogs, pugs plus others because they wanted different shapes in dogs.

ib bj says:

And the winner is . . . the dog who can make people laugh by making the most mistakes.

Josephine says:


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