Griffey The Weather Dog Wants To Play During Weather Forecast

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Griffey the Weather Dog wants to play during weather forecast!

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Love says:

What kind of dog is that I want one he’s so cute!!!

Elle Browne says:

Best video ever !

adiptawf says:


Crafts and More says:

That 1.2MM views is for cute puppy. No body watches weather forecast. Trust me 😁

thoughtfully jenna says:

Ripple has a cousin!

Charles Porbes says:

I think that all weather people should have their pets available during the weather broadcast it would make it a whole lot more enjoyable

Gen Ius says:

so unprofessional, such a disgrace for other reporters

Hafiz Madzlan says:

The dog just want to play with the "Weather boy"

Ethan Silva says:

I love this

Dee Mitchell says:

Lol..the best

Patricia says:

I am watching because of the puppy as I do not live in the US

Jill Campbell says:

And the ball is pitched to the East. πŸ˜‚

Suzy M's Cooking says:

So funny love that doggie

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