Funny Dog Vlog Bloopers

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Some random funny dog bloopers and clips from our older less viewed videos =) If you want to see more videos like the video and comment please!

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Your dogs are so funny and your personality seems cool 😎👍🏾

Black Opal says:

Your dogs are so awesome. And Naia is like the mom of everyone. She doesnt like rough housing! And what a crazy chicken, i guess she gave you an egg as a thank you for saving her from the pack! Is that your chicken or a neighbor's?

Husky Snow Pack says:

Nala Says "No Violence In My House! Behave You Hoomanz!"

Husky Snow Pack says:

Edu Didn't Do It, "Im Just An Innocent Little Doggy!"

Husky Snow Pack says:

LOL! How In The World Did That Chicken Get In?!
Lol, A Good Way To Commit Suicide

momo zen says:

hahah such a good video, so funny, Nala is protective of momie 😉

Goose says:

such a LIT vlog! I dig your vibe. can't wait for more! I subbed 🙂

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