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Kylobear99 58805 says:

I only got educated by the comments

Rylee Farver says:

Non equestrians: eh I’ll ride a pony it looks safer
Equestrians :😳 ok…
Non equestrian:-falls off-
Equestrians:she should have known that under 14.5 is the devil 🤣

Rawan Hosam says:


Kpop Fan says:

I just love watching people that are too big for ponies fall off…

Its your birb B says:

3:16 an adult is actually filming while the pony is walking and the lead rope is actually swinging around wtf

Rat in the trash says:

I would like to tell all the non equestrians in the comment section, if you wanna choose a safe horse to ride, don’t pick the pony. Pick the seasoned draft horse gelding.

oh poop hes coming says:

2:49 sorry all horse family babies are called foals… these "facts" are so hysterically incorrect.

oh poop hes coming says:

"Well trained ponies are good for people to learn how to ride." *ehem* I'm a genius now! How did this person learn this?!

Olivia Troyer says:

It's not "funny" to put an oversized child or adult on a pony or miniature horse. It's not "funny" to put any animal through abuse.

Steph Anie says:

U should never ride a horse that it obviously to small for u or a horse that it is under the gave of 3 and when there 4 you should be training them

Sally Collins says:

Who in their right mind would think of putting a FULL-GROWN man on a tiny miniature pony???? We all know he's going to get bucked off. People these days…

Robloxplayz Hitman says:

Young ponies….Yoi mean new born horses..

Sunnyyy says:

the facts are just terrible like, everyone knows a pony is smaller than a horse!

Ireland Kilkenny says:

I’m an equestrian and that’s abuse most of it laugh when you kid falls off yeah real funny most of the facts are not true this so frustrating for an equestrian ABUSE!!!!!! 😤😡🙄 give the horses a break

Willow Coutts says:

Not even half Way through the video most of it was animal abuse you should not be riding ponies they are not stronger than regular size horses

Michelle Carlbert says:

Adults PLEASE stop getting on tiny ponies. It's not funny. It hurts me to look at it. Some of those adults weigh more than the ponies in these clips. I literally had to stop watching.

Reese Mueller says:

I looked up on the internet and it says ponies actually drink 5 to 10 gallons a day and most of these facts are wrong but it was still very funny

Faye Nicholson says:

Most of these r abuse

It's Ellie says:

That last clip tho

It's Ellie says:

Fact in vid: pony's are easy to look after-
Oh and people that are to big riding Shetlands GET a life

Alan Berloffa says:


Barrel Racer life says:

Ponys can only hold 150 pounds

Monica Lake says:

As an equestrian, I see that there is SO much wrong with this video😖

kacey eventing says:

It's not even funny

Poppy Finnie says:


Donna Dees says:

You now pony’s have Sertan whays liike 70 pounds it can break there spine

Billie Eilish fan says:

Ugh.. that one little girl was sitting on the pony’s head. That wasn’t cute nor funny.

Sue Johnson says:

0:43 wow so funny 😐🤦‍♀️ NO THAT NOT FUNNY OMG ARE THEY STUPID THAT POOR PONY F**** BACK WOULD SNAP 2:15 OMG 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ do u want the pony to be sore and hurt HMMM 8:11 I’m done bye I disliked the video ur welcome 8:45 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Silixia says:

2:14 that's stupid, just because they are somewhat stronger doesn't mean you let on a person who is VERY clearly TOO large.

Meline DUMAS says:

A 2min13 le monsieur monte sur un tout petit poney lorsque il est bien trop grand.

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