Doxie Din bloopers vol. 1! Funny dachshund dog video!

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Friends, for each of myvideos we shoot a lot of footage (from 20 minutes to several hours) and as a result we get a video of about 1 minute! But how many ridiculous doubles and fairies are captured in other materials, it’s hard to say!
So today I introduce the TOP 10 fairies, unsuccessful takes and other funny moments from the filming of my videos!

10.- 0:00 Dachshund fitness Workout (
At first my parents wanted to shoot me in a bandage on my head … But I looked like a girl in it, so I completely refused to perform the commands until it was removed from me!

9.- 0:20 Dachshund in pet shop (
On the set in the pet shop there was so much interesting!!! But the most interesting for me were the birds… I just could not take my eyes off them!

8.- 0:33 Village adventures (
For many years I have been plagued with plastic bags… And on this trip to my grandfather and grandmother, one of them overtook me… That was scary!

7.- 0:43 Hitchhiking dachshund (
Nobody knows, this video could be the last for a long time… And not because I ran away from home, but because I nearly broke the camera…

6.- 0:54 Dachshund Breaking News (
Sometimes it happens that the failed at first glance footage are included in the final video! So it happened with this moment! Such things can not be planned!

5.- 1:04 Dachshund saves from Spinner Mania (
Do you know who spoiled most of the footage? Not me, and not my daddy or mommy… It’s intercom! It’s calling at the most inopportune moment! And I as a security dog should find out what is happening!

4.- 1:13 Justice League of Dachshunds: The Flash Origin (
On the shooting of the first series of the Justice League of Dachshunds my shooting partner was a toy… I wanted to bite her so badly… And when my parents were distracted I did it! It’s no surprise that in 3th series she no longer had a nose!

3.- 1:27 Dachshund vs ducks Great Battle (
And again from the failure we make whole video! I do not know why, but in my last visit to my grandfather and grandmother their ducks stopped being afraid of me!!! They were so confident in themselves that even I began to be a little afraid of them!

2.- 1:53 Dachshund dog hot dance (
During the filming of this video, my daddy told and show so much me and his mommy how and what tricks to perform, that in the end we could make another video, but not with my mommy, but with my daddy’s legs! Would it become so popular in this case?

1.- 2:04 Justice League of Dachshunds: The Flash Origin (
In this footage, I needed to just go into my house and get out of it… But apparently I ate a lot of treats during the filming… And a little stuck… It’s good that no one saw this at super speed!

I hope you enhoy my new funny dachshund dog video! Thank you!
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sithlord1626 says:

oh Doxie Din ur the sweetest, most loving Dachshund i've ever seen "save verses Crusoe" I just love ur vids and i love the little music you use at the end of every fail point…really wish u could meet me and my 2 little Doxies…u'd have a blast with them, and i got the first comment on this vid….GO ME

Dawn Wallace says:

Dd blooper glasses fell side ways i.laughed so hard i cryed. I love u dd

Pan Pan says:

Watching this because I also have a hotdog dog.. 😂😂😂

stopid idiot says:

I wish my Dachsund's a pure one but its half ;-;

Annie Y says:

@ 2:10 hehehehehe  uh oh

Steve Turowski says:

I was gonna call him a wussy for backing down to that goose but he was cautious and neither one got hurt..This dog seems a bit longer then other ones. He probably the standard size dachshund..

Earlene M says:

Weenie dogs are so cute and so sweet my my dog Odie don't like it when I mess with his nails to be cut so I had to take him to the vet to get them cut and put that muzzle on over his mouth so he don't bite

Earlene M says:

LOL that is one long weenie dog

Pip Wagan says:

I have one of does at hоме:)

mia me en canta jugar a mis juegos Ramirez says:

You are doxie neeeeo ñao

Laura Governali says:

This is awesome! Very, very cute!!

iehnsh4s says:

Catering evenimente următoare se poate fi folosit si pentru mine este un anunț nu vei putea exista un singur lucru nu mnbvcoi

Катя Макеева says:


Czarowna MSP says:

So cute❤❤❤

*yOMaMA291* *newHATDAWG* says:

If a doberman swallowed a big cylinder would it look like this

eventualentrophy says:

that last one was kind of a fatass

Yvette Mores says:

My duchshand dog is our guard and I don 't know why but he is like a monster so if you are new don 't go. Even cats trying to mate with my cat in the backyard, he almost killed the cat and can 't escape.

Tonya Wykle says:

Funny video, Dixie din. Have a good night, and good dreams. Xoxo from: butterfly 🎆🎇✨🎈🎉🎊

Marcelo 700 says:

Muito fofo🐕🐕

Anna Esguerra says:


Anna Esguerra says:

So funny ni doxie

Anna Esguerra says:

I want that dog

Anna Esguerra says:

Gusto ko mag ka ganayan na aso parang si Doxie maculite

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