Ultimate FUNNY Pets FOXES – Best Videos Vines COMPILATION 2017

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Check out these hilarious red foxes and fennec foxes playing and making funny noises ! Foxes are such funny and curious animals ! They make great pets. Compilation of the best fox clips and vines.

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adam adam says:

5:35 it's a fennecs not foxs

Nicki Harmon says:

9:11 Oh hey man whatโ€™s up ๐Ÿ˜‚

fox legend101 says:

This stuff really ain't funny it's cute and I'm getting a pet fox when I'm older

Karla Banana says:


Nga nga nggaaaa mmmmmm. Ngangagaaaaa mmmmmm

Nick Hyena says:

Adorable lil fluffbutts I love it.

Nightwatchman says:

So cute at 8:29

Hazmatt Gaming says:

do foxes bark?

Zachary Robinson says:

right thats why they my favoritve animall but they are hard to take care of

ใ‚ทใƒชใ‚ฆใ‚นDASH3X2 says:


Flower Doyle says:

The foxes kept in cages seem far more neurotic!

Flower Doyle says:

Bridge species between cat and dog!

WALN Zell says:

Why do they sound like Otomatones?

WALN Zell says:

Catdog. Catdog.

Screeching like a dolphin was a little catdog.

TheGameMage says:

Why did we not domesticate these adorables sooner
(I know there is a domestic breed of fox now but I mean sooner)

Micha Frank says:

Cool Wilddogs!

Sั†ะผะผะตะณ !โ€ข! says:

Me after this video


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