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Funny animals never fail to make us laugh! The ultimate TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge! Watch how all these cats, dogs, squirrels, parrots… behave, play, make funny sounds… Sooo funny and cute!

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Teresa Geroy says:

i did not laugh at all

Jennings addmin678 says:

I dint laugh june 2 2018 OMG

Richard Newton says:


Shane Blankenship says:

6:44 "
shes thinking, oh god, why meeeeeeeee."

Devo says:

Thats first dog… The point he is clearly trying to make is: "Get me out this damn costum".
If hes forced to wear clothes than you are not xD

Yunis Blu3 says:

Why the hell would anyone with enough brain cells put themselves in a closed space with a deadly predator like a bear? smh

MangleVlogs Loger says:

Hi how do you know what the other

Anthony Poole says:

i did the impossible i didn't laugh

N K says:

საინტერესო წიგნს კითხულობს?

Cherrae Tuttle says:

Whoever is under the house with the bear is an idiot. He's clearly in need of assistance not to be filled, hope he scratched the hell out of you.

Brierty Family says:

It's not funny to laugh at animals when they fail because they could get hurt.

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