Try Not To Laugh Challenge – Funny bird videos awesome compilation 2017

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Funny Parrot Talking Videos Compilation 2017 HD
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OMG!! they are so adorable, some parrot have awsome voices 🙂

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Gwenn Olive says:

Love this so much!! But there’re is a very dark side… check out the Garuda Aviary video. 🥺

Lamarck Leland says:

1:38 birds have to be the only animal other than humans that enjoy music

I SSMDad says:

This was terrific. I don't see how almost 9,000 viewers could give a thumbs down. No joy in their souls I guess.

Its Kamila says:

Awww the first one was like: Give me a kiss then it kissed the other parrot

Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp says:


Me when I discover my coffee cup is empty.

Cathal Ó Braonáin says:

00:45 "Hey, wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world"….

sclogse1 says:

Ring necked parrots rule. Why is it these videos always pick that insane ending music? Everything was going so well….

back2paranormal says:

Those little owls were just so damn cute.

Maddie Thatcher says:

0:45 me when I’m finally off of my shift

SVR27RR says:

that's so sweet. some many awesome cool bird's in this video. that one bird is a Stunt bird Ride's LMFAO. but i am a Big fan of THE FALCON's which is the fastest bird on the Planet. & then there HAWK's that bring good Luck. There R Flying RAPTOR's. Don't mess with the EGG"s Remember what Raptor's do to Fker's that go around stealing EGG's. bird's R from DINOSAUR"S just like don't mess with the Golden EAGLE"S . there was a cartoon movie about a Greedy evil Farmer type person with a pet lizard named samatha . feel bad 4 that poor Eagle. trying to Trap & net & steal Egg's punk azz evil people. I got DUCK's also. Respect that MIGHTY DUCK"s There a FLYING V on the Front of one of my Passion Ride's i save someone life in many time's That is what THE ACURA EMBLEM's Stands 4.

AislinReads says:

Oh my goodness, that crow on the wiper at 2:55 I've had that happen to me. So annoying but hilarious at the same time (and no it wasn't stuck I got out to check on it when I noticed it wasn't moving off my wipers)

the jester says:

0:20 that bird is amazing

Sophie Khoury says:

i LoSt

I was playing with as i watched this. xd

Javeed Hussain says:

like down for parrots🐦🐦

Javeed Hussain says:

like down for parrots🐦🐦

Jen Torreflores says:

Did that parrot said sponshbob

Кролики .-И не только- says:

В конце по телефону так мило общаются .

Кролики .-И не только- says:

6 : 22 – у нас тоже есть такая курочка , похожая .

Кролики .-И не только- says:

0: 45 probably hungry

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