Top 10 Hilarious Pet Videos Compilation 2016

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From kittens interrupting an artist drawing, to a French Bulldog riding a tractor, these are our picks for the top 10 funniest pet videos.

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Original Links:
Golden Retriever Puppies Go to the Vet
Man Trains Tiny Puppy
Cat Attacks Chair
Sugar Glider Tries to Glide on Wind from Fan
Cat Avenges Puppy’s Honor
Dog Follows Windshield Wipers
French Bulldog Rides Tractor Around Yard
Cat Tries to Distract Artist
Cat Poops in Awkward Position


Ha Rek says:

1:15 song name plz

doggoundercovers says:


AgnotologyTV says:

0:44 please call a cat excorcist

Chenciu Liviu says:

cool vid, but can anyone tell me the name of the song that's on the sugar glider video?

David Cárcamo says:

2:072:15 I love that man, monokuma's face on the ledge

Hi it's me says:

I wouldn't say it's the most hilarious pets videos…
More like the cutest videos…

Hug -A- Bull says:

2:35 Some kitties like it rough

Hug -A- Bull says:

1:00 R.I.P Chair

Hug -A- Bull says:


Sakulala CZ says:

it is so cute

Bunnyman999 says:

1:16 I died X3

imwaytoshort says:

The cat defending the dog was cool.

Wide Neck says:

Lesser Dog has gone where no dogs has gone before.

Schtaiv1973 says:

It not really funny just SO CUTE!!!!!

Razberry Soda says:

so tiny so cute is amazing

123 says:

The chair acrobat AKA the third one got me

rey says:

the second one is sooo cute

Coolchou Zhao says:

how long does cat pee?

kara Tomlinson says:

2:40 They are petting that cat so aggressively

hammy says:

why are cats and dogs so pure like how does that happen

Luke Embling says:

3:52 Simon's Cat, Too hot for TV.

Kaimouallem says:

at 2:16 what breed of cat is that?

Gloria Olmos says:

pendejo hijo de perra

Roxie1700 says:

Did anyone else think that the girl that was petting her cat was not petting it right?

Suzie Phillips says:

The artist kitty just wants a pencil to draw a picture too!

And that poor little puppy just wants to say hi to the cat when he gets hit with the paw so good for the other kitty for coming to his honor!

El Canal de Terra says:

I love this channel! great job!

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