Thirsty AF Pets | Pets Drinking Water Compilation

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Anybody feeling a little thirsty after this one? Watch these hilarious animals drinking water in the most ridiculous ways!

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Bryan Okazaki says:

Those dogs and cats are soo adorable! But don't cats hate water?

MsKate1001 says:

Elephants woah

Jim Siemons says:

What is wrong with the person who shot the elephants drinking? He should have held the camera horizontal and NOT VERTICAL! Idiot.

Katelyn Carson says:

this man is old af

Alysha Tompkins says:

Boi theY ThiRsTtt

prasad doke says:

1.58 now that's a smart cat

Ironbolt124 says:

Am I the only one who is super thirsty and watching this instead of getting a drink?

Littlesprinkles9 says:


Uka Nwachuku says:

See, this is why you can't eat and drink at everyone's home…

crissyisajojofan says:

The tiny kitten though

Dark fries '釀' says:

That goat behind like "Alright u done ?!?!" 馃槀

Patricia Dagpin says:

1:26 thats one smart cat

thinh le says:

I love cat!馃惐

Davros Argyro says:

韦慰 伪蟽蟺蟻慰 蟽魏蠀位喂 蔚喂谓伪喂 纬位蠀魏伪 慰蟺蠅蟼 魏伪喂 蟿慰.蟺慰蠀位喂. 螒位位伪 慰位伪 蟿伪 味蠅伪 蔚喂谓伪喂 魏伪喂 伪蟽蟿蔚喂伪 魏伪喂 纬位蠀魏伪

Happy Puppy says:

This is so funny for some reason

Hassam Shykh says:

Keep up the good really live ur pets

A_G_S Smith says:

I think the cats are funniest at drinking water

Sofia Ibarra says:

I will not accept any other definition of Thirsty AF that is not this video

hristv bae says:

袝袚袗孝袠袦校小 袦袗袪小袠袧袣校小 袞袠肖袨孝袦袠袣校小??!!!!!! 馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙馃惙

The Adventures of Mojo and Scout says:

Our rescue kittens LOVE drinking (and playing) with water from the faucet! 馃檪

Hazardteam says:

Amazing 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

Queen Luvercille says:

I love my life

moviemad56 says:

the tabby cat at 1:26 looks so much like my cat!

Drifter says:

Cringy title.

Luigi Bianco says:

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Godly Gamer says:

Hop hop (2:12)

Ritz0 AJ says:

Omg plz don't pin me!

Krzysztof 艢l臋zak says:

Please explain to me the 13 human beings who disliked this video. What kind of mental damage did they sustain? I would really like to know, they may need help. :O

Katerina 11 says:

What could be a reason to dislike this video?

Katerina 11 says:

What could be a reason to dislike this video?

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