[PETS FOR KIDS] Try Not To Laugh Animals Cute & Funny Goat Fail Compilation April 2018

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Everyone knows that goats are hilarious. So come and check out this brand new compilation of the funniest goats on the internet!

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xxLaylaNovaxx says:

4:52 honestly thats what she gets

Robin Singh says:

Goat like to climb on everything


This is way better that watch any news on CNN. CNN = clown news network.

Brendon Solus says:

0:52 that's my goat 😂😂 what are the chances

Lisa Gay says:

So,beautiful, I.love.them,all🤩😍😎🤩😘🙄😁

Sireen Bano says:

Cat sath q rahti h

Sireen Bano says:

I like baby goats

Александр Ветлугин says:

9:40 If your party doesn't look like this, don't invite me

Marc Bryant says:

For the life of me I can't understand why people allow their small children to be in close proximity to animals with horns sticking out of their heads😕

asia diane says:

Can u do BABY PIGLETS ❤😮😍🐖🐐

Karen Dilday says:

They need to be in they yoga class.

Idk Who ai am says:


W Ip11 says:

شكرا وتقدير رائع وجميل👍💚

Sameena Bano says:

What is name of breed

سعد مناصرالطبيعه says:

رائعه وجميله جدا

Sabah Sarita says:

1:04 was very crucial….😠😠😠😠

Carlos Valdez says:

Goats are so pretty

Yeshualives says:

The goat at 0:50 watches to many Jackie Chan movies. Lol

Muhammad Baharul Islam says:

i think the goat says "what the hell"

Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing says:


wild reed says:

* I would sing any song you wanted me too also if you left me to swim in a pool filled with my own poo versus free to poo anywhere in the wild – and if my feces is littered all around the pool also. To the average person who doesn't know, the green stuff around the pool and inside it (causing that deep green color) is not algae or grass, it's seal poo. Those seal carers should be arrested for animal cruelty, not celebrated for the foolishness in this video. *

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