Pet FERRETS are HILARIOUS and so PLAYFUL – Funny Ferret Videos Vines COMPILATION 2017

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Ferrets are like kitten that never grow up ! They are so curious and playful ! Check out these cute little fur balls playing in the snow, doing tricks and teasing other animals !

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Music :
07:10 – 10:25 : “BACK IN SUMMER” by Nicolai Heidlas Music
Creative Commons β€” Attribution 3.0 Unportedβ€” CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library :

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CassArt says:


Tachanky kang says:

Ferrets are long fluffs
That play like a kitten
Sleep more than a cat
Snuggle up to eachother even if theres ten in a pile already
And are too smart for there own good

Tachanky kang says:

I have a really big husky (male, very fluffy) and 3 ferrets (1 male 2 females, also fluffy)
They will lay ontop of the dog while he sleeps because he is always fluffy and warm

idoj654123 says:

You can see it in the balloon ferret They are born killers. They're just very bad born killers.

idoj654123 says:

The first one, it did more dooking in that segment than both of mine ever did. I think it's because I don't keep them in a cage, they're free to roam. I don't know why I think that, but they did dook often when I first got them.

FurΓ£onzinho Fuinha says:

I LOVE Ferret ❀

merengu3s_ewe says:


iV0rtex says:

The ferret with the ballon looks like he’s playing rocket league

Doug Bull says:

Hes gonna sleep good the FAQ q

adobong icecream says:

I see cute ferrets I slap like

Keri Turner says:

DO NOT play with a squeak toy with a ferret. It stresses them and they think a baby is being hurt

Madaline Moren says:

That poor baby at 4:48

Marley Simmons says:

They’re literally the biggest assholes. But I still love my pet sock monkey… even if he steals my undergarments.

Alex Abadi says:

They are fun but they also are a lot of work, don't get one if you don't have time to take care of it.

[milk n’ cookies] says:

These are cute possums

William Winder says:

"Pet ferrets are hilarious and so playful"

Until they chew off a kids face.

pamela morgan says:

Playful clever

Victoria Ramos says:


Shanna Perez says:

From 0:18 to 0:26 . My ferret HATES and i mean HATE squeaky toys!! If i squeak one she'll bite me;

TheVoodooman1 says:

For any engineers/ scientists reading this:
The balloon got me thinking. Since the balloon is pretty weightless, and helium is lighter than air, would it be possible to fill a balloon up with a very exact amount of helium to the point where the amount of helium compensates exactly for the weight of the balloon? What I'm trying to do here is be able to hold out a balloon and it stays in place when you let go. I know this probably is possible, but would someone mind giving me the exact equation so I can do this?

Devin Ramirez says:

0:12 Ferrt park

Lightninghawk says:

0:39 sir that is not a puppy

Heather S says:

did that man put a collar on he's ferret!?!

β€’ T e m p e s t R o s e β€’ says:

What’s all the green stuff?

Teresa Walker says:

What species is a ferrett. Is it related to a squirrel or a rat. Maybe a cousin to one?

Mason Walton says:

I really wouldn’t trust a ferret around babies….. they are wonderful animals but that’s just like a set rule

Tarson Talon says:

You know, first clip, it's adorable and all, but if you think about it, in the wild, it is the last thing a rabbit, a rat, or a mouse sees…

And that is why the mere presence of ferrets functions as an excellent form of pest control, far more so than cats!

Graham Palmer says:

Prefer weasels

Brian Said says:

2:57 ay mi coshita hermosa ay mi bebé 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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