Most hilarious animal videos!!

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Have you ever seen what these cats can do??? I know you don’t!! Watch some extreme homevideos.


Aswin Prasanna says:

this is good

Aysha Wattellier says:

Ninja Cat in Action!

toxtet0grady says:

kitty hurt leg! lol

Donielle Bentley says:

poor kitten thought it was gonna make it onto the table..sad and adorable!!!!

LeagueofArmy says:

0:30 no boned cat

Léonie Mia Salcines says:

0:25 seconds,pour cat… :'(
I already know all teh videos

criss6dia says:

@magakiteo from planet's funniest animals(Animal Planet)…
i remember it too…

Niels Verbeke says:

of this user : kjpar7 ( /user/kjpar7 )

HayluvsSLOD says:

i can't believe this!!!! you stole this!!! omg not cool at all >:(

Kisa says:

Stolen Video From Animal Planets, Planets funniest animal. sad that your stole it. and put some crappy music with it.

XxDarkWishWolfxX says:

Favourite part was 0:00 – 1:46

Hannah Katherine May says:

1:29 hahaha best part so far !!

Lauren Hecht says:

hahaha!! So NOT funny!


0:46 looooooooooool

Chloe J says:

@y2k7467 yea, i've seen most of them before but they always make me laugh so hard :p

Nicole Ostrow says:

poor baby 1:46

crazygurl551 says:

ahahahahhahah i lovee the ninja cat that did the roll XD he has mad ninja skills

1337Billan says:

im gonna sit here all day pressing 1:10

spotify95 says:

Love that you just added another sound track instead of removing the old one or just keeping it as it was.

24MindyMoo1 says:

why is it all about cats???!!?

24MindyMoo1 says:

haha… spider cat! 😀

24MindyMoo1 says:

all cats should walk on their hind legs 🙂 xxxxxx

Doreena says:

OMG i have never laugh so much in my entire life LOLOLOLSS

togirl188 says:

ive seen this clips in at least a dozen other videos and the music stinks. JMHO

Leti Valentin says:


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