Horses are much more funny than cats – Funny horse videos 2018

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Well, I know that cats are funny, crazy and soo cute… BUT, I promise you after this video you will wish to have a horse, maybe two or 100 of it. Horses will make you laugh all the time. They are incredible creatures, really like children and they can also give you a kiss haha. You wouldn’t believe that they can help you with household things.

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Pat White says:


DasushiFoxy ;3 says:

wow i totally laught acctualy no

Shannyn Tritton says:

Why would you compare a horse to a cat you obviously hate cats.

Louise DiBerardo says:

The second one sounded like a lion 🦁

Aurelio Cabrera says:

I love this Video ha ha ha

Jocelyn hayden says:

Oh my goodness peopl are so quick to judge! My horses goof around sometimes and they are definitely not bored!

Isaiah Grooms says:

Hot many love horses

VicTori Stables says:

ummm. the swing set scene was f*&%! awful – NOT FUNNY

Milica says:


Thomas Hildebrand says:

i love horses do you?
i love ur videos

Poppy Rose says:


Marty- Mcfly_-1 says:

3:16 Bojack Horseman is getting ready Before filming his cartoon. Lol

Galaxy Maddie says:

Okay but why was that one horse inside the house?

Elena Bubolz says:

2:08 thats the right place for a horse

Droemar says:

Cats can't kill you by accidentally freaking out you.

BlackCanvas AT says:

0:53 – Didn't even knew horses can get their feet that high… i have seen much, but that's insane.

Robyn Davies says:


Most of these clips show abuse, stupid people, and clearly distressed horses who probably don’t have knowledgeable or understanding owners. This is a really sad thing to see from an equestrians’ point of view!
1% of these clips show something that would actually amuse an equestrian or person who actually cares for horses such as a horse figuring something out whilst in a stable. Horses are intelligent (some more than others) and will try to pick up or move things out of curiosity. You can’t put this down to them being bored! I hope less of these videos will go up in the future as it’s distressing to see and often shows animal cruelty.

MADDYYY Duhhh says:

Some of these weren’t funny at all like the one at 0.53 😑😧😤😡

Maria Levi Stefany Lim says:

Searusly how did u put a horse in a house duh a horse can't go on a small door

Carolyn Yoxall says:

Horses doing that with their lips and playing with theirir tongues like that is only because they have been forced to stay in a box for weeks on end and they are board and lonely. But as society has proved no one cares because its funny. When will things ever change? Looks like never.

Night Star says:

Lol upon lol upon lol!

* n i k k i * says:

Sure this might be funny but it could also be horse abuse maybe these people should think about other things then just doing stuff to horse to make people laugh

alan storm says:

I disagree cats are still funnier

Nova Alcyone4920 says:

0:34 What. The. Fuck. Are you an idiot that’s awful for the horses physical and mental health. Having a horse run into an enclosed space isn’t safe and the horse could nick its foot on the edge and tumble down.

Nova Alcyone4920 says:

0:11 seriously you could damage the horses neck and frighten other horses nearby causing them to run out of fear and hurt others
BUT HEY! It’s soooooooooo funny

Olivia Stephens says:

When a Horse nods its head like that it means it is really bored. My sister got a horse for cheap and he used to be in a stall all of the time. We have him outside all of the time.

pean peggy says:

Trop chouette 😂😂😂

equii_ maddie says:

5:18 , there could’ve been anything on the horse like botfly, horse fly, possibly a tick or even fleas that were irritating the horse. It isn’t really funny tbh

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