Hilarious Spirit Animals Video Compilation

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They’re adorable, they’re hilarious, and they’re just like us, but cuter; these cats, dogs, birds, and other pets are our spirit animals.

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Original Links:
Dog Isn’t Morning Person
Kodiak Bear Waving for Camera
Cat Gets Head Stuck in Potato Chip Can
Rat Takes Pizza Home on The Subway
Puppy High Fives Himself in the Mirror
Golden Retriever Confused with Brush
Dog is Overprotective of Turkey Leg
Kitten Steals Straw from owner’s Ice Tea
Cockatoo Demolishes Cup Pyramid
Cat Pretends to be Asleep to Steal Chicken


Lego Films0606 says:

1:29 the bird’s thought process:
“Every cup must die”

Mary Spain says:

SPIRIT???? Thought maybe be about animals attacking or seeing something the humans could not see.

doornik1142 says:

Am I the only one who has officially had enough of all this "spirit animal" BS?

Mia Not Mya says:

I love dogs! The one with the cup is me with Mountain Dew

Adrian Wilson says:

Every one talked about the bird and the bear and the cat but know one talked about the pig! That pig was too cute and no one noticed it. 🙁

Buruki Kerman says:

Lmaovthat cat trying to eat from japanese chips

Unicorn Gaming says:

i love you chloe

dragon master says:

The bird at 1:28 was like fuck yo cups

Greninja Storm says:

Very rarely has my dog ever reacted to her reflection. She has barked at a person on the TV once, and I think she also ran to the door when a doorbell on TV rang. XD

One of my family's previous dogs did that as well, during a Spongebob episode.

leigha razo says:

2:20 fuck these cups!!!

Marina Lebbie says:

This is so cute it should be illegal 😀😄

Daisy Snellen says:

that video was amazing

Iván Carrero says:

1:25 evil mind lol

ItsaStar LighThing says:

the puppy with the cup is me with straw wrappers/safety pins/paperclips easily amused XD

LonewolfeE5 says:

the dog with the turkey leg sounded like an air ratchet 😂😂

nina knox says:

the sleeping cat was the best lol

Peach Kid says:

0:45 = me trying to do the cup song

RaikouA says:

I'm the bird bc fk your cups >:l

Kate The Great says:

hahaha oh my god that cat at the end. I am dead

FreshBakedBread says:

2:01 My heart is melting 😀

Toothless The tiger says:

the bear and the cockatoo made me loose it

LSDraqon _ says:

That bear made my day

Jax Amilius says:

omg that ninja cat is 100% copy of my cat!! she will pretend like she is just tried and just happened to lay down next to my chicken and the second i turn the chicken is gone along with my cat lol

Ben Shafer says:

1:30 new godzilla movie confirmed

Diana Martin says:

The dog with the food is me when I. Really hungery

Aspiring Marauder says:

0:27 Master Splinter bringing home food for the Turtles.


That bird is one of Regina's best friends in Mean Girls.

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