Hilarious compilation of funny moose videos

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We people are not the only ones who can be hilarious goofballs. Animals often have their moments of comedy as well, and the moose is no exception. Want some demonstration? This video says it all.


Desert Fox says:

I’m first so this comment deserve a heart and pin

Rachel Edwards says:

1:46 moose: I dont want this here

Coco Lee says:

Cool 😎 video. I love these Moose’s.

lil hoss says:

So thankful i found this video, my special needs cat watches youtube to calm his anxiety attacks and he’s going through a phase where he’ll ONLY watch Moose videos. Trail cams of moose, funny moose compilations, whatever, as long as it’s all moose 😂

Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主 says:

Can you do how to draw the Indian flag 🇮🇳?

Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主 says:

Moose are cool.

Starr Quintero says:

mooses are. not funny mooses can kill people

Teckla Wattman says:

What music is this ? Does it have name ?

Karina Dolores says:

Idk why but I love these animals so much, they might be my favourite animal ever!! So cute and majestic at the same time. And so funny! Sometimes very intimidating…! I even have a huge moose plush cuz I'm such a big fan haha

Rachel Edwards says:

I'd shit myself in about half these vids lol

Alexandra POLLEY says:

im allergic to moose therefore. thumb down

Aaron Emmanuel says:

How did you manage to get the song ? Theres no sources to it as I've tried shazaming it…

Aaron Emmanuel says:

They are jerks…

Funky Benzoyl says:

That music! 🤣

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