Funny Swans Attacking People! Hilarious! Funniest Animals Videos 2018

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—————————————————————————Funny Swans Attacking People! Hilarious! Funniest Animals Videos 2018.

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J. Harvey Christ says:

Whoever let their little kid feed the swans near the pond obviously has no idea how aggressive and dangerous they can be. A cygnet mute swan could kill a child that size easily.

I wouldn't let my kid anywhere near swans. Ducks and geese sure, but swans, no way!

Ulver27 says:

swans are assholes

Elsie Kirch says:

should leave them alone. also never feed waterfowl bread it is toxic to them. rather feed them greens

Kacper Kempa says:

Oh fuck !

Lisa Owens says:

If you'd just leave them alone, you wouldn't get beaten by the poor creature!

Augy12 says:

It’s all fun and games until someone dies..

Prii D. says:

teh guy swimming kinda is scary

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