Funny Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals – Cute Parrots #13

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Funny Parrots Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals – Cute Parrots #13

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Credits: @psychedelic.flying.machine | IG
@mrcocotiel | IG
@whitefacecockatiel | IG
@stevethebudgie | IG
@paralta_thebudge | IG

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greengem418 says:

I'm officially addicted to these bird videos….

Access Jesus thru repentance says:

😳 it's not a baby crying???😳

Kayla Treloar says:




Toni-maree Thomas says:

They are all adorable and cute

Kairo Schmitz says:

I have a few birds that love to SCREAM AND LAUGH WHEN IM TRYING TO SLEEP.

Leonel Cabrera Herrera says:

The miniature is not here.

kuaikukia says:

2:08 Yare yare daze

Bonnie The disappointment says:

Niko is my cousin when his mom is in town XD

SjeffDC says:

The one at 4:40 is actually kind of sad. Feel sorry for the bird.

Chat Noir says:

7:10 that poor Budgie… not only alone but in a total unfit cage -_- if only humans would do a little research before getting pets. If they can upload videos of their pets to the internet they could look up the right living conditions for them. Seriously this is getting on my nerve so many times nowadays with all the "funny" bird videos. So many of them are just wrongfully conditioned and live a miserable life.

Semikome Am¡reak says:

o w o b i r d i s c u t e

wedad abbas says:

Wow wow one my best videos for Budgries I have seen well done all

Gamer boy says:

my dad doesn't want to by me a parrot so I watch these videos and I cry

Dj umbreon says:


shooting smilla 123 says:

omg my bird is ringing

The Primememeister says:


Ezah Li says:

3:35 Nope this cloth is dirty! Gotta throw it out! This is also dirty! Throw it out! Dirty again! THROW ALL THE DIRTY CLOTHES OUT!!!

Emanuel Aviles Martínez says:


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