Funniest Pets & Animals of the Week Compilation May 2018 | Hilarious Try Not to Laugh Animals Fail

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Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

Funny Pet Videos brings you the best cute animal compilations, try not to laugh challenges, fails, wins, and hilarious viral videos. We feature dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, lizards, rodents, bugs, spiders, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, foxes, and more in the best new dank memes, funny clips, and you laugh you lose challenges and create collective of funny pets, life awesome moments, and epic wins.

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Jessabell TheAdorablePotato says:


Amanda Harker says:

I have so many questions about that deer turning the lights off and on…

KaleKaZaM says:

Couldn't help but think of MANTIS from Kung Fu Panda 2 when he was called cute. "CUTE!??!!"

Kalinin Dippy says:

kid asks why does that polar bear do that? The answer son is so friggin sad and sick that you might never think wild animals in captivity is cool again. Bobbing head side to side is a sign of extreme stress and desperation. The bear is miserable. You watch cruelty. Enjoy!

nagamahesh janigarla says:

Oh my god that cat turning her face with paw to give kisses

Pat Stokes says:

22:45, the person behind the spoon has should be in a mental institution.

Jamarah Frederic says:

Whoever give that dog a 🚬 you are bad

Александр Святогор says:

**ПОЗОР (на 1мин.75с) ДВУНОГИМ, куда эти дебилы влазят, везде : или зомби, или химеры, или шизоиды и тут вывели собаку "декоративную" , которая не лает, а хрипит, как бесовское отродье ! Так и покупают таких "мутантов", которые с отклонением !!* Ведь имеются бродячие, настоящие собаки, а этим двуногим надо купить "родню- мутированную"… А отклонение в психике и привело западников, к двуногим "мутантам- педикам! !!!* Все связано.

Krister Hegsund says:

Torturing householdanimals. Very funny. Not.

Patrick Whitehead says:

George has got worms !

funkmasterjee says:

1:56 That breed is known as a Rooster Pug

angela Makley says:

Omg how cute !!! All of them sooo funny !thanks for sharing !!

Judy says:

Someone should put a plastic bag over the owners head !!🤬😤

anna Last says:

@ 1:37 Plastic bag over the cats head. THAT wasn't funny. The cat can't breath….easily suffocating. Doesn't take a masters degree to figure THAT out. If u wouldn't do that to a baby, U SHOULD NEVER DO THAT W/ ANY ANIMAL. I DIDN'T LIKE THAT VIDEO CLIP @ ALL. PEOPLE WAKE UP & LEARN FROM THIS.

Zoe Moonlight says:

0:55 thats a dad who makes dad jokes

Caged says:

20:12 when your mom comes in and sees you smoking but without yelling

Goosey Gander says:

26:07 Dog: "I'm so hungry, I could eat the asshole of a hobby-horse" Pig:"Whew, thank God"!!!!!!

adele wms says:

4:09 it's me or he laugh like Homer Simpson

Bea FreeAll says:

those pugs need cpap machines

Rescuepetsrule says:

Boring… and a dog humping it's bed is NOT funny- you are disturbed.

Aafke Blootvoetje says:

So many things wrong with this video… But the saddest thing I think is 'unintended cruelty' with the pugs and bulldogs, who are so deformerd that they can't breath normal because of the flat noses so they snore all the time… That's not funny but realy realy sad. It's like breathing thrue a straw you're whole life…

Claire Anderson says:

Plastic bags, and other items, on cat's heads are not funny. They can't breathe. Imagine yourself with one on your face. That's what it is like for them.

andy matt says:

26:24 deer in the backround is totally getting laid

Snakefinger1000 says:

I don't believe that a cat would willingly climb into a bottle without any assistance.

Terry Sprague says:

Oh how funny! A cat suffocating in a plastic bag!!!!!!!!!! You people aren't NORMAL!!!!!

Lorrie Smith says:

That poor pregnant horse! Don't video, help her up!

laurieschmitz says:

So it's funny when your cat falls out a window, cruel sense of humor.

Kelley says:

Interesting reasons why dogs chase their own tail:

1. Being confined in small quarters where movement is restricted.
2. Boredom, especially in older dogs.
3. The presence of fleas or irritated anal glands.
4. Canine compulsive disorder (rare, but can be treated with anti-obsessive medications).
5. Hereditary tendency, with the behavior being passed down from generations, especially in breeds like
German Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs and bull terriers.
6. High cholesterol, which could mean that the dog’s cholesterol levels have blocked the flow of brain
hormones that control mood and behavior (more exercise could be the solution, in this case).
7. Not knowing why the tail is there to begin with. This part of a puppy’s body is fascinating to him,
especially if he has no other playmates.

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