FUNNIEST MONKEYS – Cute And Funny Monkey Videos Compilation [BEST OF]

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Funny monkeys in this funny monkey videos compilation. Cute baby monkey and funny adult monkeys videos. Orangutan, chimp, capuchin monkey and more.

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Elizabeth Stadler says:

help the animals

snowballair says:

These aren’t even funny. Shaving a defenseless creature just for shits and giggles is deplorable. Heavy chains around any animal is sickening. Sadists

DA Bird says:

when you start looking around and your controller dies so you keep spinning 2:59

Leslie Appolis says:

You now what THAT IS NOT FUNNY!!!😑😑😑😑😑

Shqip TV says:

Monkeys look like humans πŸ™‚

Aidan Bacon says:

0:51 Me and the boys getting my mum to drop us off at Area 51

XxMoshi xX says:

Bro monkeys belong to people tho

Ya Boi says:

No one likes the Chinese. That's why we bombed them.

Seth Rollins says:

4:11 when the plastic surgery doesn't go as planned.🀣

Seth Rollins says:

2:54 when you're taking a normal shower/bath and your favorite Rock & Roll song comes on.🀣

MetalheadMissy and jimmy youtube says:

i heard there's nothing more fun then a barrel of monkeys.. but a wheel barrel has that beat.

Scary Bedtime says:

1:37 why god ehyyyy

Diego Castano says:

Why are people so evil 😒😑

J Wayne says:

That monkey looks really good in the blue and green polo shirt. Let the monkey finish the water melon. lol

Evgeny Hikkaev says:

Chimp at is like "You saw how I did him?"

Cozmic Dm says:

When my mom trying to put me to sleep and while texting her friend Becky -first clip

Zattack C. says:

Who knew that they could play table tennis!

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