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These animals will make your day! Try not to laugh but I BET YOU WILL FAIL! In this compilation you will see the funniest of dogs, cats, raccoons and other animals.

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Gene Bolton says:

Yeah bright Idea to let a cat play with a crab….. NO crushed toes this time. good god are people that stupid. cat in vase Not funny either look's like it passed out. Poor monkey tied to a bloody table. (unless monkey is being cared for release) should IMO NEVER be allowed in a home for the monkeys sake not humans

Jessica Larson says:

That bird needs an exorcism

Heike Hueber says:

I really wonder, if a monkey belonges in a household. Thats not funny but a shame.

Dionne Lewis says:

Maryland?? The cat&crab?? Bmore??😁

Dionne Lewis says:

That monkey needs a contract!πŸ˜†lmao

Donna& Jeremy Wallace says:

Okay so the person that put something in that case just to get your cat to go get it, that was wrong! Then to let it struggle like it did to get it out… Sad!

lousa lama says:

Not funny at all😒

hilary caldwell says:

The poor kitty in the vase was really in distress and the cruel owner just carried on filming 😠

candy cortell says:

1:13 I never knew a cat was capable of a hand stand πŸ˜‚

Yep Ok says:

6:28 🀣 A Giraffe chasing you and you're trying to escape with a 50ml, 2 snail power engine 😭

Topanga Reyna says:

1:15 DON'T just do something
STAND THERE. WHAT an asshole OWNER! That's abuse!

Nat Kink Hole says:

02:12 is NOT FUNNY! That bird is severely damaged and sick and has been disgustingly mistreated and neglected. And you think that's funny to watch? Sick!

@JoeWest says:

Many of these pet owners are messy

Katie Keeling says:

The music is a little to much for me!!

Ella Mariette says:

People are such dicks.

MB says:

@1:10 to 1:33 that's just cruel to sit there and film that poor cat who was stuck in the vase – it's not funny or entertaining, why people think things like that are cute is beyond me – it's mean and abusive

Elaine Niven says:

That was cruel:(

Elizabeth Ferguson says:

Awwww how sweet.
Oops, I feel a diabetic episode coming on.

Loyalist Rose says:

There is a fine line between 'funny' and animal abuse. The person who submitted the poor cat stuck in the vase should be reported. And YOU should not have included that (and a few others as well) in this video.

Megan Zhang says:

That first husky looked like a bunny doing a ton of binkies in a row. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY BUNNY LOVERS!!!!

Happy Wife says:


Martha Hanley says:

I'm NOT going to call those who purposely fillmed their cat in a contraption with NO POSSIBLE USE which was purposely POSITIONED for their pet to fall head down into it?
People who do these kinds of acts to humans are JUST the type who give a CUT DOWN but then say "Oh, I was just JOKING." Period
I will NO LONG watch ANY of these so called funny clips. Also is it not possible to see how many people HATE CATS ??

Jelly Means says:

Leaving the Cat alone with a Crab? WTF is funny when the clueless cat is just pawing at the crab who is about to clamp him? Your cat could seriously get hurt by it, I got clamped by a crab and had to get it looked at, couldn't move that finger for a week.

MadMaxBLD says:

"Animal abuse" my ass! Pets can take a little bit more than you might think. Also, a cat in a vase should learn from its mistake so it doesn't repeat it later.

Cheryl Wilson says:

That snail was so cool, liked the usual cuteness but loved seeing the bugs

bloodenraged117 says:

bugs are not cute

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