Crazy, Silly Pets Spazz Out || Hilarious Pet Video Comp

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Dogs and cats sometimes go a little crazy like the rest of us. Luckily someone was rolling the camera at the perfect moment!

Original Video Links –
Jack Russel Hates Meow Mix:
Belly goes wild for rawhide on thanksgiving:
Curiosity killed the cat? Cat FAIL!:
Boxer Dog goes NUTS!:
Oh no no cups in a stacked:
Raccoon climbs girl’s back for food:
Mini Australian Shepherd: Funny Reaction to Rocks:
Dog likes to play with water:
The Cutest Vacuum Attack Ever:
Puppy and ferret playtime:
Very hungry cat:
Caique being silly:
Dog attacks snowman:

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Serenity Boyd says:

Is it a lizard or a cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tun Nay Thway says:

If you seen Rio movie
You know who that is

Gabe O says:

4:56 big mood

Nope says:

2:06 that parrot got a cool haircut

First Last says:

Crazy silly owners. Need their brains examined and replaced ASAP.

Crank Lab Explosion - lab central says:

1:30 that guy unloaded the clip and the dog caught every round.

Jansyl Tv says:

Hi guys plsss subscribe to my channel my channel contents funny cute and crazy pets plsss subscribe and watch my video a d i will subscribe back to your channel

Tampon1989 says:

hau hau hau xD

Mary Rose Kent says:

Billy is so insanely happy with his thanksgiving treat, it makes me happy.

Ruben Rios says:

I think that cat was starving 4:31

SeedlessJellyBeans says:

why isent in puppy in here? xD

Viliam Bosik says:

what the hell???

Jinx Gamez says:

I personally dont like the one with the two kittens jumping around the box because im pretty sure someone is vacuuming. I could be wrong but they do look kinda afraid.

Bill Barry says:

I had a boxer that looked exactly like that one. He was a good old mutt. He had a body of steel till we got his nuts cut off, then he turned into a fat pig.

Philippe says:

I know a cat that's probably gonna throw up all of it's food…

Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater says:

Never understood why someone would want a lizard… their mouths carry a lot of bacteria

Luckysquirrel1256 says:

I have seen 0 comments about w/o as being offensive.

I have seen 30 comments about other peoples comments that spam in offensive.

Kayleigh Przygoda says:

OMG HOW DO THEY HAVE A RACCOON ITS SO CUTE I WANT ONE but also scaring the kittens with the vacuum isn't funny that person shouldn't be allowed to have pets

William Smith says:

1:57 "Is that all you got??"

Knuckle_Bump says:

It is impressive to see that lizard chase the toy. what would be more impressive if you could teach him to play fetch.

Chessie Pique says:

That bird is a dick.

Yung Nigga says:

I think some people make it their mission to be offended by something.

title10 says:

3:28 laboratory work

Honeyafun says:

that first one really set my dogs off grr haha 😀

SM_Smurfie says:

4:10. What type of dog is that?

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