Cats Being Hilarious Compilation – Cats are Jerks 😂😂😂

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This cats being hilarious compilation features the best videos of cats being jerks, with a cat tripping over a kid, cats fighting, and many more.

If you love cats, you’ll love this epic cats compilation.

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EyenOf Abasi-Oh says:

Cats are not jerks. Dogs and these whte deviIs torturing them with cucumbers (and anything else) are the jerks.

EyenOf Abasi-Oh says:

Jerks titled this video ! these are sweet cats wrongly assailed by namecalling. These nice innocent creatures.

Elafi Milo says:

Judging by this video, cats aren't jerks – they're adventurous weirdos who'll try anything once

Capitaine Haddock says:

👎 for that @$#&% music 👎

MrBlindsight1 says:

Kitten: Mommy why did you throw me away.
Mom Cat: It was an accident. Have you ever tried to carry your cute ass.

Foxbat 818 says:

00:04 John Cena

NICE TRY says:


Randy Smith says:

Kid looked like a rat

Koleś z Gdańska says:

I hate how they are ALWAYS punching with their hands. Every time my cat do that to me, I do it to him. And He is doing this less time now.

Erin Voyer says:

No need to repeat clips

Erin Voyer says:

You need to do a better job editing. The cat with the cat door was shown twice.

Cuncallini Artist says:

5.38 not funny at all. silly boys and I am nice to you…

Diana St Ange says:

cats are not jerks also cats are being cats and that's normal :l

Diana St Ange says:

I don't think they're jerks

Dadunddd.a D says:

Sorry, but there's absolutely no fun

World Piece of Mind says:

Wtf happend at 3:01😂

nidhi singh says:

Bro where r u that head slam

Verica Cvetkovic says:

Get rid of that stupid music.

AR 15 says:

Pressing cat!

Diana B says: goodness… Music is sooo annoying!

TheRealMorningStar KeKe says:

2:25 I'll never let you go Jack

᯽ Floating Meditating Monk ᯽ says:

Dude,that music people nowadays choose for thwir videos is so ugly.Who does create videos with that kind of music? Back to "Boston 168".
This video saved my time anyway.I will stop watching these "fame"-Videos from now on.
Always find the positive thing for you event in the biggest negative thing,a wise man said.
Stay healthy.

Collector says:

OMG – 1:52 what the hell is going on with this cat? Kinda creeps me out-LOL Agreed on the music-gotta go….had to stop watching…

kalico kat says:

I love cat jerks ❤🐈

Eternally Thankful 3771 says:

Once again – human eyes are SIDE TO SIDE – NOT up and down , TURN YOUR DAMN PHONE SIDEWAYS TO FILM SO IT WILL FIT SCREENS …which are also WIDE – not narrow….DUMB ASSES !!! WAY TOO many of these clips are practically ruined because DUMB ASSES can NOT LEARN to TURN the phone SIDEWAYS TO FILM !!!! Special mention to the COMPLETE MORON that filmed the approx 9:04 to 9:27 spot – HORRIBLE !! To those of you considerate and wise enough to film the proper sideways method – NICE WORK , THANKS MUCH and BRAVO !!!

BrIan CurtiSmith says:

5:20: a fish with legskipper du mud? Must know species!

Charumathi S says:

Cats are just being cats but I'm not sure whether half the humans in the video are callous knuckleheads or downright psychos…hope the cats are ok

Lachulaeducada75 says:

Most parents when at the stores, they just walk away from their kids. 😂😂😂💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Lachulaeducada75 says:

Cat #2 did what most parents often feel like doing to their kids. 😂😂😂👍🏻🙌🏻

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