🀣 TRY NOT LAUGH 🀣 FUNNIEST ANIMAL VIDEOS – Funny Otter Compilation (2019)

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Cute and adorable two words to describe these animals! Enjoy a video full of otters and their babies! Try not to say aww. NEW HD

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Rushaan Ahshene says:

Do you know I love sea otters he looks so very I mean they're so cute I mean they are the most fascinating I but I love it I love itπŸ˜‡

Erzengel Michael says:


Nothingmuch here says:

Parents: Are you doing your homework?

me watching this vid

Me: Yes. Yes I am

Hallands Menved says:

It's really hard being a sea otter! It's just that we like to make it look easy. That's anotter approach.

Jeezz, that was bad. Leaving now.

Angel .E says:

Always impressed by their jungling skills wow

JayWayLife CW says:


Than Mon says:


dwayne johnson says:

Otters have been doing well, but in some states people are still allowed to hunt them.

People are also allowed to still pollute their water ways and with the way the administration has treated public lands, I wonder if they will be safer as pets than in the wild.

Armi Guzman says:

Very informative, but not funny.

Batphink Reynolds says:

Beautiful creatures I wonder if they realize how funny they are? Bless them πŸ™‚

Domhnall MacLean says:

Otters are cute n funny n all but an Otter killed my dad's old greyhound when he took her out on a fishing trip. Cute but vicious. Still cried at that one Bill Travers film tho

Doudoune CroΓ»te IG says:

Is so cute but what was funny in this vidΓ©o ?

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