Pets Vs Robots Video Compilation 2016

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From cats fighting robot printers, and dogs taking out mini drones, to birds tackling singing toys, are just a few of the funny pets you’ll find fighting robots in this funny pets vs. robots video compilation.

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** says:

O yeah I luv horse!

Dan says:

Wheres the hedgehog? It will spindash on the robot.

NexverTheHedgehog says:

0:03 pause the video
And look at the dogs Mouth
Does it look weird

Blue Jay says:

drones are not dog toys. they can concievably knock out you dog's teeth. be loving responsible pet owners. keep your drones out of a dog's reach. and don't harrass your pets with the drones.

Bernardo Rios says:

This dog took the small drone in 3:42.
Too late to tested out 1st.

Phát Tấn says:

I likr vacumm robot

Phát Tấn says:

That Black dinosaur robot look like my toy

Chilly Billy says:

most are not robots dumbass

Gacha life Alex says:

Animals win


0:55 My patents when they see the bills.

Andrew says:

Guess you can call him a cOWLboy

Sher Sher says:

Hahaha 3:37

SpottedStripe says:

Yoda, I though you a better fighter than that.

Dino 666 says:

Stupid pet owner take the cats away

Austin Tanaka says:

3:30 jesus

peggy dillard says:

Dogs are great mobile game players

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