Pet dogs funny reaction for cutting dog shaped ice-cream cake

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Watch pet dogs funny reaction for cutting dog shaped ice-cream cakes. Pets are scared to watch dog cake cutting in front of them.
The owners cut the dog cake head in front of their pet dog.
Very funny. You guys will definitely enjoy this compilation.
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Gam Stubley says:


Nityananda Bag says:

I trying this in front of dog but my dog just ate that cake n ran away

Sofi -M says:

0:25 He is traumatised 😐

DarvinTh3L!mitless 09 says:

0:25 funniest one XD

BlueJ says:

I dont find it funny at all.

Greg Camp says:

annoying ass backtracks on this shit.

hches98 says:

I showed this to my dog. She rolled her eyes 🤣🤣🤣

Queen says:

I just watched this video with the same stupid sounds. So I take it you stole this from Wow Animals

Juliane Gohs says:

How is this funny???? Those poor scared dogs!!!!

Fandom Editor says:

Poor dogs XD your traumatising them for life XD I have a dog but I’d feel sorry for it

Pramila A shetty says:

Dogs too have feelings 😊😊😊

brooke tran says:

Music is shit

i like Petrona says:

i love that vido

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