My Dog Reacts to Alexa

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My Dog Reacts to Alexa

Another hilarious round of Tucker’s priceless reactions! This time he reacts to various noises from Alexa. The head tilts were off the charts!

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Gina Meyer says:

Question: Does anybody know, why Tucker keeps „calling“ Kourtney Linda

Amy Costas says:

Lol do adorable. I love Tucker so much. My Alexa kept going off with your questions lol

Light Fury says:

2:03 It sounded more of a Wherewolf than a Whale

anonacc says:



Vulpes Velox says:

That huff at the end 😂

Miura marley says:

1:25 would have been priceless if it ended there. 🤣

khushi salh says:

I liked this dog

AshLovesSunshineMafiaTomHolland says:

I have Alexa too as I’m watching ur video my Alexa is going off as well & it’s hysterical

I'm Fire says:

This is the reason of the existence of youtube

Ber P. says:

I agree with Tucker. Alexa is the most annoying gadget , seemingly aimed at killing the last signs of brain activity in people that never did think for themselves. We tell our children that it is important to be creative, and then let our life decide by a shapeless machine with a name that was probaly picked by another machine

Jonas Neubert says:

This vid keeps activating my Alexa free hands

Kasia Soja says:

his expression went from happy to OH SNAP

Lindalee Law says:

Alexa Abuse! Lol

Lindalee Law says:

Linda, when you wake up with no face…. lol

Wild Leghorn says:

Me want chimken nao!!! 😭😭😭

Sarah Owen-Babb says:

Don’t worry tucker, my pup is having the same reactions watching this 😆. He’s just as confused as tucker.

Maja V says:

Alexa : cats
Tucker: HEKK NO 😂

Maja V says:

ADORABLE OMG!!!! Goldens are the best!! I love my little golden baby,his name is Mowgli and he’s 9 yrs old❤️

Daniel Farias says:

Who else’s has a Alexa that heard the video and played the sound

Abridged Gohan EXE says:

Your dogs are really cute! I want to meet them some day!

crystal bubbles says:

Tucker sighing with his head on the table is me on a daily basis

suzie potter says:

You guys are hilarious. Cheers from Australia xxx

Anthony Y says:

My Alexa just went off

Sarah Michaela Selvindoss says:

Me: feeling depressed 🥺
Tucker: damn, I’m goin end this mans whole career!😏

TRAP LORD. says:

The subtitles are so accurate that I sometimes forget Tucker is a dog and can't speak😂😂

Anton Laksana says:

From Indonesian : You are awesome, tucker 😀😀😀

sed8me says:

1:24 – Animals Know..!

Burn the Bots NOW!
for HECKing HECK!

Angelica Garcia says:


Skull Crush1302 says:

When she said Alexa my Alexa switched on

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