Most Funny Dogs Reacting To Lemons Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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The reaction of a dog that eats a lemon is so funny. Check out these funny dogs eating lemons and reacting to lemons in this funny compilation of videos.


plexus mod says:


Arijit De says:

Don't you know lemon is toxic for feline and canine.

Rinnaoj says:

0:25 doggo: "the fuuuuUUK?"

Rohit V says:

It looks funny but it is poison for 🐶

Gaurav Raikwar says:

Please don't do this because lemon is toxic your pets! both dogs and cats. 🙏🙏

Nur Nobi says:

Don't do this with your pets.because lemons work as a toxic for dogs a and cat's.

tRiplE AAA says:

Pretty sure citrus is poisonous to dogs

Games Clip says:

The lime / lemon are Toxic to dogs

Armaan Sharma says:

lemon might be a weapon to repel aggressive dogs ..🐶🐶

The LoneWolf says:

Lemons are toxic to dogs.

BryceK says:

What are you doing?! Lemons have poisonous chemicals in it that can harm dogs. ITS OKAY to give them a small price, but not a whole lemon

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