Husky's Cute And Funny Reactions To Me Crying!

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Husky’s Cute And Funny Reactions To Me Crying. Half of his reaction I didn’t expect, he’s so smart, he didn’t want to be fooled again! Did he react how you expected?

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Young Akshi says:

Doctor fluff bum curing sadness

Shadow PG3D says:

why not make another one by breeding another husky or with his friend (if hes/shes a girl..) and just hope that that husky talks too

• Flamette • says:

I tried with my dog and she licked my cheek and laid on me ^_^

Ludwig Cools says:

Ahw he's so sweet

Euge Zarazúa says:

The dog has more feelings than meiaaa

That’s sad!.

Rute Figueira says:

Are you Actually crying

Rosa Maria Alcaraz says:

Tengo ansiedad y creo que si tuviese una fierecilla así, todos los llantos marcharían, tienes suerte!

Forever young says:

He is So so so cute❤️❤️

Kira Senpai Yandere says:

I love key 😍

Jyothi Renjit says:

I want a husky dog like this if I had it is a luck

tracyguilbeau says:

Blowing coat… a small price to pay for having northern breeds like huskies and elkhounds… I love 'em.

Chris Azmo says:

I love this channel.

seven starz says:

Well he is the best son and boyfriend a girl could ever had…😉

Cloudyroses ii says:

This dog when she cry’s: nudges her until she stops crying
Mine: steals sweater sleeves and chews on them

Shirley Dutes says:

Aawweee he felt his mum crying so sweet Key -I’ll fix it with a kiss 😘what a gorgeous doggo

Aêsthetic Bûnny says:

hey, want my siblings? i'll trade them for your dog 🙂

Adriana Hughes says:

You look beautiful and your dog is so clever I pretended to die in front of my dog and she just jumped on me and just went to her bed

Daša Gondova says:

Key is sooo intelligent and lovable and loving too….he amazes me all the time.

Jeny Quezada says:

Awwwww he loves u!!!!! That’s why he always be here with u 😊

teenacharm says:

YOU are soooo cute and adorable. And Key is the key to happiness! I hope you know your fun little uploads are helping me through depression. You both are making a difference for so many. Love you <3

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