Hugging my dog for too long [FUNNY REACTION] 😂

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I hugged Maya for too long and this is what happened 😂

Funny subtitles by Instagram account @doggosbeingdoggos2 :

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Mayapolarbear says:

Which was your favorite part? 😂

ᄏ마루코 says:


Emma The magic Kitten says:

My dog is like Maya, also Samoyed 😊

Victoria Maloney says:

9.8k people be sad they don’t have dog love

Ookami Moon says:

ai meu Deus aaa😍💕

Puneet Sharma says:

this is the content i live for

Talia Woud says:

Wow your huski is very cuddling

Kim Jisoo says:


10 000k with horrible content says:

I’m eating spicy Korean fire noodles while watching this

beast15204 says:

You are very beautiful Karen. Maya is a lucky girl to have such a loving mommy

Pepita The puppy says:


Lucky One says:

I want a Samoyed now 😂😭

My Diaries says:

What’s maya breed

Kombobohne says:

My Dog died Yesterday 😭😭😭

Evan Cruz says:

You copy gohan the husky

Pauline Foster says:

I’m glad I don’t hate dogs or cats 🙂

Devrous こんにちは says:

Hahajajskdjsjkakdn I WANT TO TOUCH THAT DOG THO !!!!!!!!! NOICE

Hater Of Haters says:

"im going to poop on your shoe now"

I laugh soo hard i almost fainted.

Dheeraj Kumar says:

0:26 what was that translation 😂 epic

Nanille Beker says:

I really want to get a cat and name it mango
BUT ugH I want a fluffy dog now

swasti sinha says:

U r so lucky!!
Me too wants that cloud around me!!

R says:

2:00 こ↑こ↓野獣

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