Hilarious dog's reaction to seeing the vet was unexpected

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Endo the dog had an unusual reaction to seeing the vet – he was extremely excited. The dog could not stop jumping up at the reception desk ahead of seeing the vet! Report by Ferdia Carr.


jasmine valdivia says:

Excited to go to the vet

Nicole Allen says:

RIP Endo! πŸ’”

Dick Goezinya says:

My German Shepherd Fiona absolutely loved her vet. She didn't jump like that but she pulled on the leash running inside to look for him and lick his face while wagging her tail. The doctor just recently passed away and his name was Dr Jerry McDonald. He did multiple surgeries on her when I adopted her and literally saved her life. Anyone from my area knows he was an incredible man whose demeanor and love for animals is unmatched anywhere. Up until last year he did physical exams for $15 and you could get vaccinations and flea medicine and be out the door for under $35. For a lot of injuries you'd get a "there's no charge today." I asked him about it once and he said "If I wasn't here, a lot of these people couldn't afford to take their animals to any other vet. No animal deserves to go without basic care because of money." He was a great man and Fiona and I will both miss him dearly.

My_Chemical _Alexia says:

That’s how two of my dogs are.

BOOGIEMANS Tips and his minions says:

Mom am I getting those pain pills plz plz plz


Me when I'm short

Reptile Overlord says:

Does the vet have sex with him or what?

Deltus Site says:

Dog house? Excited?
Hotel? Trivago.

Jock Laser 36 says:

He such a Active DogπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


That’s a rabbitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

siobhan kelly says:

The invisible trampoline

Primalxbeast says:

When I see something on AP, I always hope that you guys will post it too so that I can read comments. I hate that AP always disables comments.

DVincentW says:

Has got dem treetz wif duh stuff dat makes meh … Feel gewd!


This dog has a brain tumor.

Tennessee Fairfield says:

That Dog has some Springer in him

Andrew says:

That is adorable

Florida Scot says:

The veterinarian's a very special doctor I'm betting

Natural-HI says:

Awww, so cute.

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