German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To Crying Baby

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This adorable German Shepherd has the most hilarious reaction to his owner watching a video with a crying baby. He becomes so confused with the sound that the head tilts begin and his jaw drops to the floor.

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William tracy says:

Those are such beautiful dogs

socalgal619 says:

Effing hate kids but the dog was awesome. Lol.

Tamran Lorene says:

Omg my mannly heart just melted🙏💚💙

? says:

Damn Dog 😂 ! Cutest thing ever, Can I have him !

Ph3nix K says:

It senses the distress in the childs voice, truly comforting creatures. Dogs are the best

wmaass88 says:

Is that a playback of the girl getting the kitten vid? Awesome!

Luiz Vinícius Vieira Alexandre says:

He looks his about to breach a door and do a clean house just to save a baby

Madhuparna Debnath says:

If I am crying and my dog's giving this reaction I would immediately stop crying and hug so tight and made my day probably forget my reason for getting upset

Shreyansh Rattra says:

Woof.! Call 911 mark!

Maddie Pitts says:

Did anyone else notice he had two balls in his mouth 😂

Delilah Louis says:

So sweet ❤

vBDKv says:

It actually dropped 2 balls.

Ollie Queen says:

He’s like bitch wats wrong witcha😂

Genaro Carrillo says:

It amazes me how most dogs and cats have more compassion than some people.

Shaun Allen says:

I've always known GS dogs to be the most protective over their small humans.

Richard Rotonde says:


Elaina Doak says:

😂. Those ears tho!

Bruce Wade says:

Hate to say it. But the second ball in his mouth is whats causing the mouth breather effect. Still funny though.

Jersey nurse says:

Beautiful dog. Anyone notice he had 2 balls in his mouth ? Dropped the 1st one then the 2nd when he moved closer.

G M. says:

your dog is a sith

God is my fortress Acts2:38 says:


Dwayne3007 says:

A year later I'm still confused. Does the dog have two balls in his mouth as one drops and as he walks closer it seems another falls out his mouth

Jeff W says:

He says what's wrong with this man cub ?

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