FUNNY Pets React To Magic Trick With Blanket🔴#Whatthefluff challenge.

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LAUGHING CHALLENGE : Pets React To Magic Trick With Blanket 🔴#What the fluff challenge 2018 compilation (CLIP)
These animals will make you laugh no matter what! How long can you hold your laugh? Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, bears, parrots, pandas, goats,… behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,… So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE!
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R Vandenburg says:

'Bout Damn time you made my bed!' 4:04

I'm Your President says:

Tried with my cat. He actually searched for me. Tried this with my 3 year old son. He continued with his legos.

Ananda Ghina says:

2:10 that's the best cat reaction 😂

Rajendra amberkar says:

8.18 only one dog searched below bedsheets.

eldarmario presario says:

The dogs can't see u, but they can smell you

Abigail Sheetz says:

6:33 is the only reaction that matters

Matthew Viramontes says:

My wife did this trick on me and I just shut the car door and took off. I really do feel bad though. It was my favorite blanket that she was using.

Osya Sa says:

Some pets are sooooooo used to their insane humans that their sudden disappearance does not surprise them at all

XxBossxX says:

My mom:in the cinema

Ashton Driggers says:


Kinshara Butoudan says:

The dog at 4:07 thuglife

Selvokaz says:

2:03 doggo did not give a fuck at all.. he was so done with her anyway. 🙂

AQUARIUS QU33ñ says:

The cat one was better lmao rarrrrrrr 😂

reelkena says:

Pupperino is confusion.

Pam Humphries says:

I'm not really a cat person but, my heart broke for that poor baby. She was distressed!

Margot Velthoen says:


mjnoir1 says:

I never understood this. Can't a dog smell n track you?

Tai Tere says:

At 7:55, those dogs were like, Yes! it quality time..

lilkittyanime says:

I love how some of the dogs and birds get upset and start stomping and looking around like:

Who's responsible for this!??

Gāčhā Wøłfīê06 Wolfie06 says:

Omg 😂😂

Egypt Son says:

i love how they use a short blanket, the dog watches their feet run away… and the pooch is like YAWN!

Runaway Monster says:

4:51 dog breed?

LightSider108 says:

Meanwhile, the dogs are like "what is this sorcery?"

TacticianMatt says:

6:26 is the best reaction hands down.

Quast says:

Dude, shit just got real xD

Olivia E says:

One cat, one cockatoo, one duck and the rest are dogs.

freakylilg says:

Tried this w my og hamster. He looked around and said "magic aint real fucktard"

labobo says:

This video needs more cat reactions!!!

Reptis 74656 says:

Human disappears dog humps other dog. Guess we know who the cock blocker was.

Duff Duffington says:

2:35 I think the real trick is how this dog teleported out of the basement & back onto the 1st floor.

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