Funny Dogs Reaction To Smelling Owner's Foot | Top Dogs Video Compilation

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Funny Dogs Reaction To Smelling Owner’s Foot | Top Dogs Video Compilation
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Matthew C says:

y’all are musty

Riyah Lewis says:

Those dogs are like stupid yo feet naaassstttyyyy

Jasmine Wade says:

That is nastyl

Gamer Kitten says:

One of my old dogs didn't care if anyone's foot stank, she'd chew on any foot and no one could figure out why. At least she gave us a free foot massage.

crazy TV says:

Everytime my dog smells my foot she licks it

XD gamer says:

The 1st one lol

dark blue sky's says:

The dog kept putting the owners feet down the dog said you need to knock it the fuck off

Dee Schmitt says:

The dogs are wary you are going to kick them. They know what feet coming at them mean

Freya-Elli says:

Damn yall feet must smell like one week roadkill DIsgUsTiNg


The IOY (inventions of Yakub) are all this way,they're real attracted to beastiality,and wanting everyone to smell their excrements. Did you you know they don't wear deodorant? Fungal infections that smell of rotting flesh is a normalcy for the IOY (inventions of Yakub).

The Good Green says:

from the thumbnail, we know this video is gonna be good

K says:

Yeah, and their noses are a thousand times more sensitive at picking up smells! Poor dogs!

Amanda Lynn says:

Is anyone else just weirded out by the people sticking feet in their pets faces?

Geralt Of Rivia says:

ı dont get it man they are smells other dog ass but not a foot what a detail

Starmist Animations says:

And we think dogs like gross smells

Lovely Lisa says:

Only w people do this shi€

High how Are you says:

I tried this with my dog

He licked my toe than threw up on my foot.

Sims Freeplay says:

This should tell you something cause dogs will lick and smell anything 🤣

basant vimal sharma says:

Very unhygienic dirty people

venomTang says:

Don't these people shower?

Gamer Ahliya Wolfie lion unicorn says:

My dog smelled mah foot then lick it like a lot so disgusting right 😆😅😡😰😒😷😥🙅😲😵😍

кιттуTM says:

My dogs an aggressive chihuahua he bit my hand and he broke the bone in my hand. I had to go the hospital 😒 he didn’t even care ;-;

CrowdControlQueen says:

The smelling the foot thing is so degrading lol… I don't force my dog to smell my feet. But if they smell it at their own risk that's their problem 😂

Fast doggo Mires says:

If a owner has a dog called a doggo it’s great for a video to be about doge

Sonic The Hedgehog says:

Omg. Its so cute. I love dogs.

NK Blödmann says:

Why so much poor hygiene

Fast doggo Mires says:


Star Chaser says:

Probably smells like dead rat.

Julia Cortes says:

Girl : smell my foot its like flowers
(actually smells really really really really stinky)
Dog : smells it
Dog's mind : HELP GOD PLEASE
Dog falls over
Girl : Great!
Dog starts talking : HOW ABOUT YOU SMELL MY BUTT?!
Dog pushes Girl's nose to dog's butt
Dog : you know whats worse?
Girl : Wh – what?
Dog smirks
Dog : dogs don't wipe their butts after pooping
Girl faints

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