Funny Dogs Reaction To Scary Hand Halloween Candy Bowl!

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Don’t know about these dogs…The Golden Retriever Dogs & Fox Terrier Lady react to a bowl full of treats & a scary hand grabbing their face. Lady’s full reaction is at the end of the video.
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Dogs reaction to Dinosaur Pinata:
Finn’s First birthday Cake:
Finn masters the dog treat dispenser:

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Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:


เกษตรพอเพียง ตามรอยพ่อสอน.doun. says:


Betty Maverick says:

Wow, this was so stinking funny!😂

svitlana potaychuk says:

Ahaha! So cuteeee!!! )  25   !!! Thank you my f r i e n d!  Have a nice day!!!

Dogzilla Squad says:

Where you bought it 🤣👍👍

Dogzilla Squad says:

I like this bowl 🤣🤣👍👏

hideki y says:

cute! like👍

ALMITA says:

Awe lovely dog 🐶

Gonta mama’s Channel says:

Hello dear friend thank you for showing interesting nice Halloween video
Thank you for sharing

electricq7 J says:

Too funny!!! Your two babies aren't going to stop when food is right there as they don't care if there's a freaky hand or any hand on them or the food as they're just going to munch away. 😛 In a way that' s good as they know that they're free to eat no matter what.
Their other friend Lady well, she just wasn't going to have interruption and said "forget it, I'll go back when the freaky bones are gone!!!"
😁 Great episode!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! 💘👍😀

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