Funny Dog Reaction to Family Crying – PRANK (BEST REACTION EVER)

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What does a golden retriever do when its owners cry? Look at Bailey’s reaction! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!


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All rounder says:

Bailey is very concerned😂😂 about his parents and so cute 😘😘😘😘 Bailey baby 😘😘😘 you are my favourite 😍😍😍😍

Shyam Ramesh says:

I love my cutee love from Qatar one of the best video ur dog loves you so much

anushri tripathi says:

I want him so badly

anushri tripathi says:

I love you Bailey

Rhodora Garcia says:

HaHa 😋😊🤣

randy lalrinsanga says:

Hahaha…hilarious….this is a priceless video.

sushila bairwa says:

Lovvvv u baily….so cute u r

Lyn Dickinson says:

awww this is so funny! so cute! Bailey knows his Dad tickling point haha!

Divine soul says:

Oh Bailey ! 😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Dalia Dalia says:

Que bonito, y que bien lo cuidais, sois muy buenas personas, y yo me alegro mucho que haya gente como vosotros, un saludo para los dos

Lola Torres says:

Pobre Bailey. No savia aquien consolar. Si a papa o a mama. Te amo. Bailey😘🐕💓

Pat Samuel says:

Bailey is a true treasure and a very loving dog I like d way he tries to console u both that's so sweet

Praveen Kumar says:

Ohhhh…. Bailey Pie…🤪💕

Rea Listin says:

Hello..I am from Austria !My dog Henry .Jack Russel 🐶 also dont' like it….if I cry😭..then he cry's with me..its sooo funny!🤣

Nidhamrcnidhu Nidhanidhu says:

Love u bailey

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