Funny Cats Reaction To Smelling Durian | Top Cats Video Compilation

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Funny Cats Reaction To Smelling Durian | Top Cats Video Compilation
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R Cole says:

I told you so…cats dont lie.

Ezra Hann says:

My cat eat durians.

everfaraway1 says:

I lost it when the cat fainted & when it tried to bury it

Patrick Ryan says:

Omg what is with those stupid fucking sound effects and background music

Leng_ Loii88 says:

Try typing cat like durian 😂

YEET Bleh! says:

I tried it to my cat, she didn’t like it, then my dog took a bite of it.

Samar Khan hiadari says:

ilv cats so cute 😍😍 😘😍 😍😂😂 and fny

Koriander Yander says:

Lol the cat gagged

EvaValenti (ember-snow) says:

The durian in the first clip looks reaaaallly good. Yum!

Geralt of Rivia says:

"Even cats doesn't like it so it must be bad". Cats lick their butt after pooping so please come to my house and lick all the cat shit clean coz if cats like it they must be good. Durian smell isn't bad anyway tf

skyluvdbsk says:

Omg my cats love durian and become excited when they see durian. Hmmm… 🤔

Jake Lake says:

its just a fruit? its not nerve gas stupid!

cha0s_dvl11 says:

The soundtrack called Busy Cowboy by Jay Chou, its actually a song.

Ahmad Faris says:

The last 2 Cat souls just escaped the body.

MJCT Fenthy says:

144 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 foi o melhor

Ethan Liang says:

Lol durian smells, ik from experience

RET says:

Holy crap this music is obnoxious. I couldn't even get passed 20 seconds before stopping.

Mr _Quilava says:

Durian in my opinion taste worse than it smells. I am from US so its highly unpopular here.

xi z says:

the durian must be a basebal because its smaller than the hand on the thumb nail that used to be a lemon. NAILED IT

Yenbo Jak says:

You lot have shitty durian. The imported ones are not fresh and would be especially pungent.

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